Last air lift before Brexit!

Hello soldiers,

The United Kingdom’s post-Brexit transition period expires on December 31, 2020. The process for importing and exporting goods between the EU and Great Britain will change.


ℹ️ What will it change for you?
👉 The delivery costs of your order will be affected by the new regulation. Starting on January 1, 2021, Great Britain will part of Zone 6.


ℹ️ Can I order now and still benefit from current shipping rate?
👉 The answer is YES, sir! Until the end of the year, you are still in Zone 3!


Shop now!


#Back in stock


We are really happy to let you know that Heroes of Stalingrad in English is back in stock on our online shop 😁


A new feature to come this week on the Devil Pig website. See you on Friday!


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posted by Twane33 the [09/12/2020]

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One Comment on “Last air lift before Brexit!”

  1. avatar 1. Whybother said :

    Why are shipping rates changing to zone 6?
    As far as i’m aware, britain will remain on patrol 21 miles off the french coast and not sailing to join the pacific theatre.
    Courier sites in the uk aren’t jacking up shipping costs to europe in january, so why are you to your uk customers?
    Are you paying for all additional charges to deliver to my door?
    As a buyer of your games, i will have to pay customs and UK VAT on top of your shop price as i would if buying from America.
    These charges will be even more expensive as a percentage based on your new increased postal rate.
    Even my 15% loyalty discount will be pointless against your increase.
    I feel you will lose your uk customers until you can find a way to adjust your shipping back down with realistic courier charges..
    Or maybe just throw our purchases across the channel with a trebuchet.