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The sticker album is landing!

On the occasion of the future release of the Compendium, we are launching an exceptional and official collection about the World War 2 generals, illustrated by Alexandre Bonvalot, through the drawings made for Heroes of Normandy and Heroes of Normandy the Tactical Card game .

We have therefore prepared an album where you can collect all the pictures of these generals through the packets of 5 stickers.

For each general, a short historical summary of his actions will be proposed, all organized historically, from 1939 to 1945.

We know that you are mostly great experts of history, but your children, maybe not yet!

Click here to book one!

This is a first attempt at a sticker album. If this is a success, no doubt we will offer you other album ideas or we can also decline it with Shadows over Normandie or Kharnage, because we begin to enough drawings to do that 😉

Do not hesitate to discuss it between yourself on the forum, at least for exchanges, because it will be a first limited printing, but that could give rise to a second printing!

It is a booking, you will pay nothing now.

We have already finished the french version, and the translation has already begun, so you will receive it soon because we will produce it in France and we won’t have delay linked to the carrying by sea.

posted by Axel the [31/03/2017]

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8 Comments on “The sticker album is landing!”

  1. avatar 8. Rafteurman said :


  2. avatar 7. fds.marck said :

    J’ai bien aimé aussi…

  3. avatar 6. Peku said :

    Trop tôt le poisson, dommage 😉

  4. avatar 5. littleidiot said :

    This needs some English proof reading btw. It should be ‘Generals of World War II’ and ‘The golden sticker’

  5. avatar 4. Fab7474 said :

    On est pourtant pas le 1er Avril, tres drôle.

  6. avatar 3. Jujubinus said :


  7. avatar 2. Firstnose said :

    Très comique!

  8. avatar 1. lex-talionis said :

    Poisson d’Avril ?