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The Shadows over Normandie wave!

Hello everyone,

It’s the Shadows over Normandy wave on the website today! But not only! Because we introduce a new payment system, Stripe, to allow even more easier payment!

But let’s start at the beginning!




As the backers of the Strategic Resupply kickstarter project already know, the storage system for Shadows over Normandie will arrive in 2 months (Holy Father of Customs, protect us :-D) and will be sent to them immediately. We will still have a small stock (and no reprint planned at all), so we open the pre-orders which will be sent AFTER the backers.

So many new products are available! Starting with the storage system, you will find a storage set for your core box, another for Cthulhu Mythos Call # 1 and one last for Desert Wrath. For those who want everything they need for their units, we made a bundle. Of course, you will always be able to store your terrain boards in the Battleground storage box 😉 There are also deck boxes to protect your cards and take them everywhere! Surprise, we created a 6th deck box with the colors of the Investigators, which was not present during the Kickstarter or the pledge manager!


Concerning the gameplay, we are in a strong position! Starting with the Cthulhu Mythos Call # 2, you can finally play Mythos faction. Ready to play HPL’s zombies or the Sons of Cthulhu? Your opponents will laugh less once you have deployed Luc Lo Pan and his formidable bodyguard!

Besides that, a mastodon comes in the form of the first and VERY expected scenario pack for Desert Wrath! The gestation was long but it is with great pleasure and pride that we finally propose it! It has been enriched in every way, whether in terms of the amount of scenarios, factions or even amazing terrain boards! Accompany Carter and Ariane in the burning sands of the Egyptian desert and help Badger and his commandos against the Black Sun and Gretel X, the Norn dreamer! But be careful, because in these burning sands, the crocodiles of Sebek and the Bedouins are watching you and who knows to whom their allegiance will tend!






Finally! The first project in Limited Edition is launched and Shadows over Normandie opens the show with its second scenario pack: Shadow Hunters !

While Ariane and Carter tan in Egypt, Professor Deadman arrives in Normandy with the Al’oonis to investigate mysterious rumors. They will bring them to pursue a cult that will plunge them into a terrifying discovery: the possible invasion of our world by an alien race, the Mi-Gos!

But what does Limited Edition mean? This indicates a project that will only be available for the duration of the pre-order (1 month), with stretch goals (as on Kickstarter, they are free elements based on the success of the campaign) and it will not possible to participate to this campaign outside this period.

As with Kickstarter, this will result in a dispatch. This means that when you pre-order this scenario pack, shipping charges are automatically added because it is not possible to group the shipment with other pre-orders or orders.

There are no minimum pre-orders to ensure the success of this project. We will produce at least minimum of 500 copies. Depending on the success (number of pre-orders), we will offer you additional game elements or scenarios as stretch goals.



During the payment, a poll will propose you to decide the next expansion of Shadows over Normandy, whose theme will be:






Our online store now accepts a new payment method, available both on the shop AND on the pledge manager. We hope that this will allow more the farthest players or more restrictive banks to be able to pay more easily on our site.

posted by Axel the [14/04/2017]

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