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The Gazette N°8 will be available on the US shop!


Following the many exchanges I had today with American fans, we decided to send about a hundred Gazette N°8 to the United States. In the current circumstances, this is a big effort for us, but it seemed important to us to find an answer for those who support us from the other side of the Atlantic.
Gazette N°8 can now be pre-ordered on the US shop on our website. The boxes will leave tomorrow or the day after tomorrow from France to our distributor in the United States. We have set an estimated delivery date in early January but this is only an approximation as we do not know exactly how long it will take for the boxes to reach their destination.

posted by gduprez the [28/11/2018]

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6 Comments on “The Gazette N°8 will be available on the US shop!”

  1. avatar 6. Nagash1959 said :

    Damn you and your arcane accounting skills, Gduprez! 😉 I understand though. Guess my Brits will just stay in baggies for now. At least I know what I’ll be getting first when the store restocks.

  2. avatar 5. gduprez said :

    There are less than 100 Commonwealth storage boxes left on the world store….
    That’s not going to be possible. We are obliged to monitor our expenses very, very closely. Sending the Gazette is already a big effort, even if it may seem trivial.
    But I hope that we will once again find a solution to this request… 😉

  3. avatar 4. Nagash1959 said :

    Also, this is wonderful news since I was worried I wouldn’t get it otherwise.

  4. avatar 3. Nagash1959 said :


  5. avatar 2. Bokrug said :

    Merci beaucoup!

  6. avatar 1. Quickle said :

    Thank you!