What is an essay?In recent years, questions about how to properly plan and write an essay have become relevant because its writing is included in the USE task in Russian (and it is also necessary to achieve high results in the social sciences: history, social studies). The following requirements apply to a school essay:
Volume up to 160 words.A clear topic or a narrow question (instead of covering a wide range of questions).No plagiarism. Assertions can only be used to support or refute the author's position. Our essay assistant service is different in that we have unique texts and no plagiarism.Pictures, light and individual style ..What an essay should contain
You need to take care of his style first. The essay is written in light and lively language, in which the author shares his thoughts, aspirations, fears with readers. He proves nothing, but offers to speculate with him or even quarrel. To create such an effect, the essay uses epithets, allegories, aphorisms.
Second, pay attention to the structure of the essay. Thoughts should not spread, the conversation with the reader should not move from the originally stated topic to another. To do this, make an essay plan.
header. It should be done intriguingly, temptingly. It might be worth using punk, a riddle, but not fooling readers.entrance. Occupies 30% of the text. His goal is to arouse interest in the essay. You can use quotes, aphorisms, statistics, unusual facts. The main idea of the essay is indicated (but not revealed) in the introduction.The main body. Occupies 60% of the text. It reveals the main idea, reinforced by thoughts, interesting facts, vivid, imaginative descriptions. If the introduction should be as simple and clear as possible, in the main part you should use all the lexical and stylistic richness of the Russian language.conclusion. It occupies the remaining 10%. It summarizes or expresses the main idea, which the author came to through reflection throughout the essay.
How to prepare for essay writingIf you prepare in advance, then you will not have the question of how to write an essay properly. Preliminary preparation is as follows:
Find out the parameters of the essay. If it is a USE assignment, you are given its volume and topic, you know the readership (teacher). If you are writing an essay for a blog, for a magazine, first decide how many there will be, who will read the essay and who will check it, for this it is better to address https://essayassistant.net/buy-expository-essay/ . Accordingly, in what style is best to convey your thoughts to the audience, what topic, opportunity, fact you will take to think about.Gather information. In the draft, write down facts, statistics, quotes and other material that could be useful to you regarding a topic.
Write an essay plan.Identify the main thoughts, the milestones that will be covered in the essay one by one. This will help you maintain the internal logic of the text.The easiest way to work on an essay is to write the main part first, then the introduction and the last - the conclusion. Then assemble them in the correct order.Read the finished work, check. In the midst of polemical inspiration, people often make mistakes that, when you read them again, are easy to spot and correct.

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