Types of Run-On Sentences – 2021 Tips
Writing is more like a job that follows a set of rules and regulations. It is more like a framework that can help writers adhere to a certain code, rather than doing whatever they want to do. Although we are taught certain rules and regulations, still in a number of cases we actually fail to implement those rules. I have always been confused regarding long sentences and run-on sentences until once when I consulted an essay writing service.
The professional not only helped me understand run-on sentences but also taught me some of the quick topics that can help to mitigate run-on sentences in writing. Run-on sentences can be defined as sentences that consist of too many ideas without any proper pronunciation. Here, it is important to note that not all long sentences are run-on sentences. There is nothing wrong with joining several ideas in a single sentence. However, the inability to follow proper punctuation or syntax rules can lead to run-on sentences and these sentences can lead to confusing information or gap in a clear understanding of the context. There are a number of types of run-on sentences depending on the type of information that is combined. The three major types of run-on sentences are as follows.
Comma Splice sentences This happens when the writers in dissertation writing services uses a comma rather than a semicolon to join the independent clauses.
Polysyndeton It refers to the use of conjunction more than the requirement of a sentence, leading to messed up the structure and the central ideas.
Fused sentences It is the type of run-on sentence in which the two clauses are joined together without using any kind of punctuation. Once you are able to identify run-on sentences, I am going to share some quick tips that can help you avoid such sentences in your writing.
Choice of punctuation One of the major ideas that can help you identify and then mitigate run-on sentences in ‘write my paper’ tasks is the understanding of comma splice. It is important to note that comma splice occurs when you write two independent clauses and connect them with a comma rather than a semicolon. On such example can be
Aisha likes to write" and "She posts every day".
In this example, in order to avoid run-on sentences you need to connect the two sentences by using a semicolon, so the sentence will appear as
Aisha likes to write; she posts every day".
Another example that can help you mitigate run-on sentences is the identification of the fused sentences and then separating it with the help of semicolon. It is one of the approaches that help the reader to know the exact meaning. The same approach is applicable to the sentence example that was quoted above.
Appropriate division of sentences
An important trick that can help you avoid run-on sentences is the appropriate division of sentences. When you realize that the situation is more of a Polysyndeton then, you need to divide the sentences. It will help you write different sentences, each representing itself. It will not only add to the clarity of text but it is one of the approaches that can help you avoid excessive conjunctions.
After using these tips for ‘write my essay’ tasks, you will be able to write clear sentences that will not only communicate the underlying context of the sentence but it is one of the basic approaches to clear writing. In addition to these techniques, you can go for proofreading and editing because once you will proofread your document from the perspective of the third person you will be able to recognize the errors. Then use these techniques you will be able to enhance the clarity of your document.  
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