Compare the best leaf vacuum mulchers

In the summer as well as in the fall, dead leaves can invade your terrace, yard or garden. These plant debris can rot and encourage the emergence of weeds if they are not picked up promptly. This is why we recommend investing in a leaf vacuum, but not just any type. We present you the best models on the market in this comparison. Some models are professional leaf vacuum mulchers. Others are suitable for a particular use.

8 best leaf vacuum mulchers in the market

Bosch Universal Garden leaf vacuum mulcher

This garden tool can be used as a blower, vacuum and mulch. This is a smart device that you can use at home or at your workplace. Its main advantage is low noise pollution because the noise it emits is reduced by 75%.

Black + Decker GW3030-QS

With this 3-in-1 corded leaf vacuum, you can blow away dead leaves and other green waste, vacuum without burrs, and shred before putting in a collection bag. It will be supplied with two detachable nozzles: a round nozzle for vacuuming and a flat nozzle for blowing. The chopper can chop plants in 1/16 scale, the ideal size for making compost.

Aosome ASBV3405 gas leaf vacuum mulcher

Very powerful, this vacuum mulcher has a 2-stroke gas engine. You can use it to blow your green waste up to 62.7 meters per second, suck it up at an adjustable speed and crush it with steel blades at 1/12 scale. Its single-cylinder engine is air-cooled. You can count on its startup system to start it up without any difficulty. This is the material you should choose for home or business use.

Grizzly ELS 2614-2 E Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum

This electric leaf blower vacuum mulcher can perform three separate actions. You can use it to blow away dead leaves that are entering the exterior of your house. It will help you suck up this plant debris and then shred it to a 1/10 scale so it can be easily placed in the collection bag.

Worx WG505E Blower/Vac/Mulcher

With this gardening tool, you have a blower, defoliator and mulch ready to use. The plant shredder is made of metal so you don't have to worry about its wear and tear. At 1/16, you can turn your leaf litter into compost.

McCulloch GBV 322VX Gas Leaf Vacuum

3-in-1 garden tool, it can blow, suck and crush all plant debris. You can use it to pick up straw, dead or rotten leaves, as well as freshly cut lawns and weeds after mowing. Its blowing and suction speed can be adjusted according to your needs.

Einhell GE-CL 36 Li E-Solo Cordless Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Do you have to tend a large garden lined with dead leaves and other plant debris? Now is the time to get this cordless vacuum mulcher. It can blow but can also suck and crush debris before transferring to a large collection bag. You won't need any tools to switch from one function to another. Thanks to the two handles and the harness, you can easily support the weight of this garden tool. If not, a guide wheel will help you move it on the ground.

Atika's LSH 2500 Corded Vacuum Mulcher

Blow up your dead leaves into a pile then effectively vacuum towards the bag designed for this purpose with this corded leaf vacuum mulcher. Its weight is light enough not to fatigue your arm. A guide wheel and a harness will also come in handy when using them. Its collection bag has a zipper to prevent fallen leaves from being scattered everywhere during transportation.

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