Deadly sins of essay writing - One MUST Avoid at all costs
Let’s just face it, every individual makes mistakes. However, a person who can accept the flaws and try to work on them to improve is the one that tastes success. Similarly, if you are a student then you also tend to make mistakes while you are assigned a task to write my paper, and believe me that isn’t something to be embarrassed by. Many students make mistakes. Some pick the wrong topic while others make grammatical errors.
Although, making mistakes is a part of the learning process however, when your grades are at stake, then making mistakes can be too risky. If you want to attain good grades and make an impression on your professors, then you should start focusing on improving your writing abilities along with focusing on making your essay error-free.
Are you curious to know what are the deadly sins that students make while paper writing service? Do you want to learn about common mistakes so that you can avoid them and craft an effective essay in the future? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article will assist you by highlighting the deadly mistakes that students make while they write an essay so that you can avoid them and secure good grades.
Choosing the wrong topic
Imagine driving a car and you have two paths to choose from. One path is short and the road is in good condition while the other is long with several road bumps. Obviously, an essay writing service will select the short one with a plain road. Similarly, selecting a topic is the first step to write an effective essay.
 If you pick a topic that is too difficult to comprehend then you won’t be able to handle the technicalities. If you pick a topic that you have no background information you won’t be able to find the relevant data. Also, if you pick a topic that isn’t in your area of interest then you’ll get bored and won’t be able to turn an effective essay. Therefore, choose a topic wisely.
Weak thesis statement
A building without strong pillars is bound to fall. Likewise, an essay with a weak thesis statement will surely let you attain lower grades. It is important that first you understand the essay type and write the thesis statement according to that.
Make sure that the claims you make in your thesis statement are well supported and based on the authentic sources. Also, make your thesis statement clear and concise.
If you are struggling to write an effective thesis statement, then I suggest you try taking help from an authentic essay writing service and let their writers help you. If you aren’t sure about the quality then you may ask them for ‘dissertation writers samples on various topics so that you can determine the quality of the work before you place an order. Isn’t it simple? Of course, it is. So try it.
Adding clichés and idioms
The main aim of your essay is to demonstrate your writing and research abilities. However, students use a lot of synonyms, idioms, and metaphors that make it difficult for the readers to understand the main idea of the essay. Therefore, refrain from using flowery words rather than focus on presenting well-researched work.
Say no to fluff
Following professors’ instructions regarding word limit are essential since they may deduct marks if you don’t follow the rules. However, many students in an attempt to reach the word limit add fluff and eventually make their essay vague. You can avoid this mistake by collecting data from various primary and secondary sources so that you won’t have to worry about the word count.
Tip: After you are done writing your essay proofread it out loud so that you can find the irrelevant content and edit it.
Plagiarism is a crime and must be avoided at all costs. Many institutes have a zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism. Therefore, make sure that if you are using an idea or material from either or primary or secondary sources, don’t forget to give proper credits to the author of the sources and voila you are done.

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