HoS Frontovik Erratas

We have a mistake on the Frontovik counters of the Volga section.
They move by 4 and not 3.
In the meantime, you can print the counters and cut out the part where there is movement.
Sorry for the mistake.

Download the Erratas HERE

posted by yann the [29/11/2019]

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10 Comments on “HoS Frontovik Erratas”

  1. avatar 10. Whybother said :

    Oh ok. I have no idea what either of those units were in the war, or how they were portrayed in hollywood movies so i didn’t worry about a square of movement. 🙂

  2. avatar 9. Pilotka said :

    Whybother ===> Well … the frontovik units of the Siberian have 4 so … it would have been weird to not have the same for the Volga section.

  3. avatar 8. Whybother said :

    Ruined!! Ruined!! The whole game is ruined!!
    Now i know why i constantly lose. 🙂
    I doubt anyone would know if you didn’t mention it.

  4. avatar 7. Haereriker said :

    The game is over a year late and you didnt managed it to check the counters?!

  5. avatar 6. beleg01 said :

    Aie…! Une correction sera la bienvenue dans une prochaine Gazette.

  6. avatar 5. Alan Hume said :

    official replacement tiles would be pretty essential here I reckon

  7. avatar 4. Silverpaint68 said :

    Merci. Un errata qui est donné avant que je reçoive le jeu ! C’est fort, un Cochon 🙂

  8. avatar 3. thia74 said :

    L’erreur vient du fait que les frontovikis n’ont pas eu leur rations de vodkas.

  9. avatar 2. jyonkers said :

    Thanks for the update and the correction, Yann.

  10. avatar 1. slyfox said :


    I really hope that we can get an official errata tiles soon. Maybe with a new HoS expansion or gazette.