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HoN-TCG / On sale on the online shop



Good news:

HoN-TCG is now available

for direct order on the website!



Warning! Some products are available in very small quantities (a few dozen pieces) and overall stocks are low.

The D-DAY and Free Fight extensions are not available individually but only by purchasing a Neptune pledge or an Overlord pledge.

posted by gduprez the [19/03/2019]

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8 Comments on “HoN-TCG / On sale on the online shop”

  1. avatar 8. kabuti said :

    J’ai craqué vendredi dernier! Je ne sais même pas où je vais pouvoir ranger tout ça haha!

  2. avatar 7. fredrig 7 said :

    vas y Kabuti, craque, c’est beau….en plus !!!!!!!
    je me doute pour les sleeves Guillaume

  3. avatar 6. gduprez said :

    Faut craquer 😉

  4. avatar 5. kabuti said :

    Raaah je suis à un groin de cochon de craquer pour l’Overlord!

  5. avatar 4. WayneCW said :

    Hopefully you held a few copies back for any issues with pledges. I’m really looking forward to getting my pledge in the US. Thanks for sticking with it to finish this project despite all the setbacks. You’re hard work is appreciated!

  6. avatar 3. Totoll said :


  7. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Pour l’instant, nous ne mettons pas les Sleeves en vente pour pouvoir fournir les Sleeves manquant à ceux qui nous les ont demandés.

  8. avatar 1. fredrig 7 said :

    Perso j’ai tout sauf les sleeves …