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A few weeks ago, we provided you with a Google form to report the errors you noticed when you opened your boxes. Thanks to those who took the time to complete it, it gives us a clear idea of all the problem areas. After counting, this is what it comes out.



1 – Number of cards that do not follow one another

Some of you think they are missing cards because they have noticed that there are holes in the numbering. After checking, there is no reason to worry, a few numbers from the sequence have not been assigned. So the cards simply do not exist.

These are the number ranges by army and card type.


Units: from 000 to 042 – cards 36 and 38 do not exist.

HQ: from 100 to 118 – cards 112 and 113 do not exist.

Events: from 200 to 228

Heroic Platoon: 300 and 301

Hero: from 400 to 413 (Siegfried is the case 410 as we will see later)


Units: from 000 to 034.

HQ: from 100 to 117

Events: from 200 to 224

Heroic Platoon: 300, 301and 302

Heroes: from 400 to 413


Units: from 000 to 023.

HQ: from 100 to 109

Events: from 200 to 213

Heroic Platoon: 300 and 301

Heroes: from 400 to 410


Units: from 000 to 007. Card 006 does not exist.

HQ: from 100

Events: from 201 to 203

Heroic Platoon: 301


Units: from 008 to 010

HQ: from 101

Note: Belgian forces have their own number, so they are not duplicates with Commonwealth units or HQs.

2 – Duplicate numbers and numbering error

A few numbers are used several times in the same army.

As the cards are identified by name and number, we believe that these errors have no impact on the game. These errors will not be fixed.

3 – “Unique” cards in several copies

HQ maps and a Heroic Platoon are available in 2 or 3 copies.

When a card is not present in the base box but is required in an extension, it is present in each extension in order to be playable independently of the others. As a result, those who have chosen to acquire the entire range have unique cards in several copies. Put them aside, you only need one copy of each.

4 – Spelling errors, translation approximations on map names

Some card names contain errors (spelling mistakes, translation errors…).

These mistakes, however unfortunate, have no impact on the game. They will not be fixed.

5 – Errors in the translation of booklets into English

The English rulebooks contain translation errors.

We will correct these errors and provide the corrected booklets for download.

6 – Cards with significant errors

3 cards contain errors that have an impact on the game:

– Card N°107 German (Basic Box): Felkommando (Panzer Kampfgruppe)

– Card N°300 US (Battle of the Bulge): Easy Company (Band of Brothers)

– Card N°410 German (Free Fight): Siegfried (King of Battles)

We have started the reprinting of these 3 cards. They will be sent to all backers as soon as they are printed without you having to do anything.

For those who will buy the games on our site, the cards will be automatically added to their order.

You can now find the corrected cards in the download section:

Placeholder HoN-TCG - updated version of the Cards
Download File

7 – Number of scenarios

On the back of the “Battle of the Bulge” box, there are 5 scenarios.

This is a mistake. There are only 4 scenarios in this box.

8 – Reference file

Finally, we validated the file created by Major Axe and completed by Nostradunwhich. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them warmly for the work they have done, which has saved us a lot of time.

It is now available in the Download section and you can use it as a reference to check the contents of your game boxes:

Placeholder HoN-TCG - Contents of the boxes
Download File

9 – Service request

You can now, if you have not yet done so, report problems to us using the service contact form on our website:


Have a good game!

posted by gduprez the [08/03/2019]

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5 Comments on “HoN-TCG – News from the front”

  1. avatar 5. syrriuss said :

    Des nouvelles de la réimpression et de l’envoi signalés au point 6 ?

  2. avatar 4. Jigsaw79 said :

    When will the rules be errated?

  3. avatar 3. Nostradunwhich said :

    All the Kudos go to Major Axe on BGG, I just reformatted the work a bit to help out folks that keep things by set.

    If you prefer the list sorted by faction only, then you can find it on BGG under the entry for Heroes of Normandie The Tactical Card Game.

  4. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    M’envoyer tous les éléments que je fasse le changement à la main dans le fichier de dispatch…

  5. avatar 1. LeTof45 said :

    J’ai racheté le lot d’un backer, que dois-je faire pour recevoir les corrections ?