[UPDATED] HoN: New version of rules book, scenario booklets and spanish version

Hello everyone!

Before anything, thanks to all of you for your patience!

We are proud to present you the new version of the rules for HoN. Given the number of changes, we decided to create a file listing all changes to allow you to see what has changed. It is often clarifications, precisions, and sometimes changes or also deletions.

The more important change is for me the precisions about shot sequence or the interaction between Movement, Fire on the move and Opportunity fire.

About scenarios, we searched to clarify the most the particular subjects.

At last, we made a special version of the rules book that is printer friendly, with white background 😉

I let you see all of that ^^

[UPDATE 08/08/2014] :
– spelling corrections, layout.
– Version 1.1 of D-Day Scenario packs
– Spanish version of the rules v1.1c

Rules book 1.2
Rules book 1.2 – printer friendly
Rules book 1.2: changes list

HoN Libro de reglas v1.1c

Scenario booklet 1.1
Scenario booklet 1.1: changes list

D-Day Scenario packs v1.1
D-Day Scenario packs v1.1 : changes list

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