Heroes of the Pacific


The Devil Pig had enough of the Normandy countryside, the ruined cities and the beaches of the Cotentin. So they decided to take a vacation and fly to one of those heavenly islands with white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees. What place could be more enchanting than the archipelago of the Solomon Islands? Especially the island of Guadalcanal, with its mountains, seashores, coves and airfield. Barely disembarked from their LCT, our demonic pigs, too happy to finally be able to put their bacon on a deck chair, do not pay attention to the presence of the brave soldiers of Emperor Hiro Hito.





Japanese, after having built a landing strip for tired zeros, are preparing to fortify the island in order to welcome American tourists as they should. Surprised and furious to see these three pig-like specimens with their rough manners and loose morals arrive, the Japanese are preparing to throw them back into the sea. But our three little pigs have no intention of letting them go. They decide to send a message to Admiral Chester W. Nimitz to tell him about the situation. The Coastwatchers, the Commonwealth spies who monitored the movements of Nipponese ships, took charge of transmitting the information, and the head of the Allied forces in the Pacific finally sent a Task Force under the command of Vice Admiral William F. Halsey. Ships, troops and planes headed for the Solomons, determined to resume the offensive against the invader from the land of the rising sun.

Three days later, the Marines landed at Guadalcanal!



Why did we choose this campaign?

First, because it was the first major land battle between Japan and the Allies since the defeats of 1941 and the first half of 1942. The Allies resumed the offensive after being driven out of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. But also because the forces were still more or less balanced, the Japanese and Americans launched attacks, defended their positions, charged, maneuvered, circumvented, etc. This was practically no longer the case afterwards, as the Japanese army retreated into a fanatical defense strategy. Secondly, because some environments, such as the jungle, have never been tackled by the Heroes System.

And finally, because we wanted sunshine!



We know that many of you have been waiting for this new opus of the range for a long time, and we are very happy to finally be able to offer it to you.

So, sign up on the Kickstarter campaign page to be notified when it launches.
Thanks to all of you!


posted by yann the [07/02/2023]

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6 Comments on “Heroes of the Pacific”

  1. avatar 6. Marchi rene said :

    super je tien à vous aide pour le financement courage à vous pour devlopement du jeu

  2. avatar 5. Stephen Gardner said :

    I’m in and carnt wait for this module

  3. avatar 4. cajunatx said :

    Is there going to be a solo version for this as well? Or will it come with pieces so that the existing solo box will work?

  4. avatar 3. claude cordier said :

    Salut l équipe sympathique Devils pigs on l attendait celui là là campagne du pacific. Je me suis déjà inscrit sur le kitstarter mais vous pourriez faire la campagne du désert ainsi qu un heroes of viet Nam mes salutations Claude Cordier.

  5. avatar 2. KQMan said :

    Top!!! Je me réjouis à l’avance de ce nouvel opus. OK pour Guadalcanal, mais des Batailles épiques comme Tarawa, peleliu, iwo joma ou okinawa me donnent le frisson, j’espère qu’on pourra créer les scénarios avec des extensions ad hoc!!

  6. avatar 1. LIPANI said :

    A peine La Bataille de Caen terminée que voici le Kick Starter Heroes of the Pacific qui pointe son nez !
    C’est sûr que j’attendais ce théâtre d’opérations depuis longtemps.
    Pouvoir jouer les forces Japonaises ne fait qu’augmenter l’envie d’y jouer…!!!
    J’espère que nous aurons des tireurs embusqués dans les cocotiers et de beaux Zéros dans le ciel… ainsi que de nouvelles Unités US.