Heroes of Stalingrad: the Russian units

It is always WIP punchboards. If you see any errors, you can indicate them here (as immortal unit, offset symbols, etc.) in comments and we will modify them.

Example: we know that some units with the Tripod ability have the wrong movement value on their back.

BEWARE! They have not already been verified! We are not at this step for now. The verification will be done when we will have all the front and back of each element. The goal is to share with you our progress.

Some elements are missing, it is normal, we will add them later, like back of recruitment tiles or some recruitment options (but we know already what we will put in 😉 ).

We will share them anew when we will think they are finalized in order you can take a look at them anew.

posted by Axel the [27/03/2018]

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5 Comments on “Heroes of Stalingrad: the Russian units”

  1. avatar 5. bartdevuyst said :

    I also noticed that the T34 tank has red stripes on the unit’s sides instead of the common army stripes.

  2. avatar 4. Moomer said :

    Just wondering if the Maria Oktiabrskaia tile with a basic cost of 90 points and a possibility to add extra units shouldn’t have a yellow star to provide an extra order.

  3. avatar 3. bartdevuyst said :

    Very cool that we’re getting flamers in a core box already!

  4. avatar 2. bartdevuyst said :

    Siberian Rifle Battailon should read ‘Siberian Rifle Battalion’ in English 🙂 Looks awesome so far!

  5. avatar 1. Tinippa said :

    On the Maria recruitment tile it says ”kapitan Dolph Dragonov” under the name Maria