Heroes of Stalingrad: Heroic Platoon and Sewers

The 13rd stretch goal is unlocked!

The German has finally their heroic platoon! They are a special unit of recon, all of them has the Scout ability which permit you to move before the beginning of the game! And it is not enough, they can recruit some Sd.Kfz 221, equipped with a heavy anti-tank gun!

They move fastly and each meeting with them is deadly!

For the next stretch goal, we will do something we generally never do: we will reveal it now and this one will be the answer to many requests. We have no doubt you will like it. It is our BIG stretch Goal for this campaign.

posted by Axel the [03/04/2018]

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2 Comments on “Heroes of Stalingrad: Heroic Platoon and Sewers”

  1. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    It is included.

  2. avatar 1. Turkeysandwich6 said :

    Do we need to pay extra for stretch goals or is it included in the $175 package?