Heroes of Stalingrad

This is an announcement to tell you that the production is on its way and the delivery is still scheduled for September. We didn’t communicate a lot as we’re working at reduced staffing and have so many things to handle. We negotiated with the factory a particular planning for this production in order to save money. Everything is paid, from the production to the shipping.
Heroes of Stalingrad will be delivered !
Thank you for your support and your messages.
The Devil Pig Team

posted by yann the [15/07/2019]

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17 Comments on “Heroes of Stalingrad”

  1. avatar 17. yann said :

    Zamirpicado it’s too late now we’ll have to wait for the sales of the rest of the dispatch on our website.
    We should have a few copies left.

  2. avatar 16. Zamirpicado said :

    Can the late pledge still be bought? I had it in my cart until today but I can’t see to purchase it. Please help I really want the Kickstarter

  3. avatar 15. John Tielemans said :

    It is olmost september!!! I can’t wait for the game to play.

  4. avatar 14. Renaud92240 said :

    Des nouvelles du front (de l’Est, bien entendu !) sur la production et l’acheminement ?

  5. avatar 13. claude cordier said :

    Salut l equipe hate de recevoir le jeu merci pour le travaille que vous vous donnez exceptionnel jeu a bientot

  6. avatar 12. massamendes said :

    Can I still buy the Late Pledge?

  7. avatar 11. DomiMo said :

    Bonne nouvelle ! Sauf que je n’ai plus de place dans mes armoires… 🙂

  8. avatar 10. Nemesis88 said :

    Bonne nouvelle 🙂 . Hâte d’être en Septembre.

  9. avatar 9. yann said :

    Ils devrait rester un peu de boites de rangement en exclus sur notre site.

  10. avatar 8. Nemesis88 said :

    Cool. Es ce qu’il aura des boites de rangement pour les russes vendu a part? Je n’ai pas prit le gros Pledge car j’avais déjà des boites de rangement pour les allemands supplementaire.

  11. avatar 7. file_13_2002@yahoo.com said :

    So after this the Shadows P500 goes into production right? After that will we be seeing more on HoBR: Heroes of Valedor?

  12. avatar 6. beleg01 said :

    C’est ça que c’est bon !!!
    Hâte de recevoir mon Pledge 😉

  13. avatar 5. Whybother said :

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!! Woop woop. 🙂

  14. avatar 4. voxer said :

    Great to hear

  15. avatar 3. Xyhora said :

    Great news. I am very happy with all HoN and SoN stuff so far (i have everything). I don´t care about delays. As long as i get what i payed for i´m fine. Bring more cool stuff, i am all in.

  16. avatar 2. Nardo_nardo said :

    Thank you! My suggestion is to copy and paste THIS on an update on kickstarter

  17. avatar 1. Axe said :

    Merci pour l’info. Un signe de vie d’explication est toujours le bienvenu