Heroes of Normandie Rule Book 2.0 WIP

Hey Soldiers!

We’ve just brought out of the oven our last rule book from the new version of Heroes of Normandie, The Big Red One Edition! Come and take a look and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback! Be careful though, it is NOT the final version and will need some proof reading, but in the meantime you have some paper to chew on!

This beauty was brought to you by the maniacal mind of our new model maker, Sergent Jules, aka Sroker!

Meanwhile, this official communication was brought to you by Com Agent Mathis, aka Raven. Don’t mind the feathers.


posted by yann the [16/07/2021]

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4 Comments on “Heroes of Normandie Rule Book 2.0 WIP”

  1. avatar 4. Nostradunwhich said :

    FYI: The edits on the Rulebook have come along quite a bit since this version was posted, so it is fairly out of date from a correction point of view. The format and readability (overall) have not really changed.

  2. avatar 3. Sroker said :

    No the tabs will be printed only ;).

  3. avatar 2. Nostradunwhich said :


  4. avatar 1. johanvg said :

    Question: will the tabs on the right be real tabs, or just a printed version?