Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One Edition

Hello Soldiers!

We are really excited to present you the new box of the game Heroes of Normandie « Big Red One Edition »!The whole team is really happy with this cover! We hope you’ll like it as much as we do 🙂

Also take the time to have a look at this preview of the punchboards that will be in the box and the Terrain Tiles.


If you notice any errors please let us know on the forum.

This new edition is going to bring its batch of novelties that we will present you very soon:

The deck of cards is increased to 50 cards to make the setup of the game and the fluidity of the game easier.
A new rulebook and a new scenario booklet (only the Slaughterhouse scenario will still be present).

More news to come soon on the forum, our networks and on Kickstarter!

At ease Soldiers !

Devil Pig team

posted by yann the [08/09/2020]

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20 Comments on “Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One Edition”

  1. avatar 20. TJ said :

    Wish I could back it. I guess I can’t since you only deal in Euro’s and there is no Paypal option. Would have loved to have had it.

  2. avatar 19. Morci said :

    It would be great if the possibility of obtaining the manuals and letters of the game in Spanish is included as extras.

  3. avatar 18. Dan Buman said :

    looks cool!

  4. avatar 17. Broun said :

    Il me semble que les visuels des héros ne sont pas les mêmes que ceux que j’ai aperçu il y a quelques mois, notamment un aviateur qui avait un chewing gum, ici je les trouve très ternes et peu charismatiques. Pourquoi ces changements, alors que votre patte graphique peut être sublime.

  5. avatar 16. Arden said :

    i hope it is not a kickstarter since there always seems to be problems with distribution

  6. avatar 15. guitho1974 said :

    @Fred sympa d’avoir des nouvelles, depuis le temps que le chauds six n’ont pu se réunir…
    Je n’avais pas pensé à ceux qui n’auront que la Big red one édition (honte à moi), et tu as raison. Et puis comme ça on aura deux jeux de tuiles, ce sera pas mal pour la création de scénars perso.

  7. avatar 14. Arkc said :

    Top ! 🙂

  8. avatar 13. yann said :

    This new version of Heroes of Normandie will bring a lot of new features with new characters, optimized card decks to make the game more fluid and allow a faster setup.
    New scenarios are to be expected to add replayability to this new edition without forgetting an improved artwork for an even more immersive side. As mentioned, we will post soon a new update to present more information about Heroes of Normandie « Big Red One Edition ». Stay connected soldiers!

  9. avatar 12. Ian S said :

    Great looking product. I’m really looking forward to this. But I am a bit confused about it’s status and content. I have 3 questiosn. Hopefully the more news mentioned will answer these.

    1. Is this going to go into prodcution or will it be a kickstarter campaign?
    2. Are all the mapboards going to be identical to the original V1. If the scenarios are new it does offer the opportunity for differenet mapboards which would provide greater variety for owners of the original version.
    3. Is there not an overlap with the recent V2 card kickstarter as if the US and German cards were ordered then they are also included in this game?

  10. avatar 11. Norm said :

    I can’t tell how duplicative this new version is from the previous HoN? The two Division names are different, but what about the actual squads and other pieces?

  11. avatar 10. Private Fred said :

    Moi j’aime bien les nouveaux graphismes ainsi que la trombine des héros.

    @guitho1974 : les tuiles identiques à la V1 permettront aux p’tits nouveaux de pouvoir jouer les scénarios présents sur le site et dans les suppléments. D’autant quelles ne sont plus en stock sur le site (je crois).

  12. avatar 9. geetee123 said :

    Will the 6 double-sided terrain tiles be the same as the original? Or are there any changes there as well?

  13. avatar 8. Bart De Vuyst said :

    @Moomer Good point about the character names!

  14. avatar 7. guitho1974 said :

    Salut à tous,
    Belle nouvelle. Les graphismes sont vraiment chouettes. En plus, des nouveautés finalement car les couleurs des unités ne seront pas les mêmes. Pour les amateurs de gros scnénars ce sera top.
    Une question : qu’en est-il de l’Army Manager ? Est-ce qu’il sera mis à jour ?
    Une remarque : il aurait été sympa de faire des tuiles de terrains différentes, histoire que ceux qui, comme moi, on la première édition et envisagent d’acheter celle-ci, aient encore plus de nouveautés.

  15. avatar 6. Quickle said :

    @Ivan — They are reprinting the Normandie core box because it is out of stock, yet is required in order to play any other scenario. This includes Pegasus Bridge, D-Day, official scenarios, etc. In other words, a new player must own the core box yet none are available. This reprint has identical pieces to the original core box, but has newer artwork and some extra pieces added.

  16. avatar 5. Moomer said :

    Is it worth considering other names for the German sharpshooter Karl and the German tankbuster Heinrich?
    Since the characters Karl von Krok and Heinrich von Kamptz already exist with the same name… it would make heroes and characters stand out more if none of the other characters have the same name.

  17. avatar 4. Fuzzymancer said :

    Looks awesome guys! Can’t wait 🙂

  18. avatar 3. Ivan Boscaro said :

    Why a new box of the game set in Normandie instead of a new one set on the eastern front or – rather – on the north african theater with the italian troops too ? Or another box set in the Pacific, with US Marines and Japanese troops ?

  19. avatar 2. Axe said :

    Autant j’apprécie vraiment certains dessins de personnages, autant d’autres je les trouve pas terribles. En tout cas ravis de voir que ça avance.

  20. avatar 1. voxer said :

    Looks Nice!