Heroes of Black Reach : news of the week

The week was full of Heroes of Black Reach and we are preparing you more: product content, contests, Alexandre Bonvalot’s pictures, etc!


Monday: Heroes of Normandie in White Dwarf

Heroes of Black Reach in White Dwarf! Games Workshop gives us an incredible support in speaking of Heroes of Black Reach on a full page of their legendary magazine.
There will also be another surprise in the February issue of White Dwarf, but we will say no more…


Tuesday: Open the box – Drop Zone #1

We received a first sample of the Heroes of Black Reach Drop Zone #1 at the office, and let’s face it: we’re kind of proud and excited. Have a look at it in this Open the Box!


Wednesday: Illustration of Alexandre Bonvalot

The Gretchins


Thursday: The Drop Zone is here! Core box Ultramarines content

It is here !

posted by Axel the [19/01/2018]

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3 Comments on “Heroes of Black Reach : news of the week”

  1. avatar 3. Axel said :

    It is just sampling of cards. They are just playable with the Drop Zone or if you want to make a game for discovering.
    The back of the cards are differents, so you have only one back for the Drop Zone (a special one) and 2 different backs in the core box (one for Ultramarines and one for Orks). So, you cannot mix cards from the Drop Zone with cards from the core box.

  2. avatar 2. proudgeek159 said :

    Just like everything else that DPG has ever done, it looks beautiful! I do have a few questions:

    I noticed that there are cards included with the Drop Zone #1. Are they full decks, or just a sampling of cards? And are they duplicates of cards in the Core Set, or are they supplemental cards that add to the mix of cards in the game, like the various paratrooper cards in HoN and SoN?

  3. avatar 1. Eclo said :

    Weekly newsletter/news update ? GREAT Idea !! Thanks for the update