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Heroes of Black Reach – Ask for the program!



In recent weeks, the community began to speculate about the future of the HoBR range. It’s now time to slightly lift the veil on this subject.

First off: the Heroes of Black Reach range will continue! The development of the Heroes System range in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40.000 universe is a great opportunity for us. It’s also – we admit – a childhood dream for us, the Pigs trio. In short, no way we’ll stop here!



So what are we going to do?
Complete the Black Reach range?
Propose new armies?
In 2019, we’ll do both!



We’ll start by expanding the HoBR range. In 2019, we will do two P500 campaigns, each with two expansions.

On the program: a Goff Stompa, Bad Moons, Evil Sunz and Ultramarines, as well as new terrain allowing you to vary your battlefields.

We will show you visuals in due course, and either way, before launching the P500 campaigns.

We currently are working on a new core box, in a format similar to that of HoBR (a core box, two reinforcement packs, a few additional products and a storage system), offering you new ways to explore another theatre of operations. I am pleased to announce the release of:


Heroes of Valedor


After the Ultramarines and Orks, we’ll now develop the Eldars and Tyrannids.

Delivery of this new range is scheduled for the first half of 2020.

posted by gduprez the [13/02/2019]

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71 Comments on “Heroes of Black Reach – Ask for the program!”

  1. avatar 71. Homepage said :

    … [Trackback]

    […] Find More Informations here: devil-pig-games.com/en/heroes-of-black-reach-demandez-le-programme/ […]

  2. avatar 70. Alejandro H Delgado said :

    Is this Heroes of Valedor still coming out?

  3. avatar 69. file_13_2002@yahoo.com said :

    Delivery of this new range is scheduled for the first half of 2020.

    So when can we expect it in stores?

  4. avatar 68. Gareth Rossi said :

    One year on and absolutely no update. I don’t believe we will ever see these items and devil pig games will not respond to requests for a refund. It also appears they are deleting comments.
    I am now reporting this as a criminal matter

  5. avatar 67. Gareth Rossi said :

    Exactly a year on. No products, no updates and no refunds. I am reporting this as a fraudulent transaction as I dont believe I will ever receive this product, and devil pig games will not respond to anu communication

  6. avatar 66. yann said :

    On vas bientôt lancer la prod, désoler pour le retard mais on as traverser une période compliqué et je traite les dossier un par un.
    Ca vas etre un peu long mais vous serez livré.

  7. avatar 65. pivous said :

    On est au 1er semestre 2020 me semble t-il?

    Alors? :))

  8. avatar 64. Brad said :

    Any word on when the preorders will go live or we’ll see something more on Valedor?

  9. avatar 63. Robert Walton said :

    I may have missed it…but will Heroes of Valedor be a new, stand-alone core box, or simply an expansion requiring Heroes of Black Reach?

  10. avatar 62. gduprez said :

    Toutes les gammes Heroes System sont compatibles et peuvent être mixées.

  11. avatar 61. Achariel said :

    Bonjour est ce qu on pourra mixer les space marins orcs eldar etc ??

  12. avatar 60. Mad Scientist said :


    So glad you skipped over Chaos for the time-being.

  13. avatar 59. Aldaron said :

    That’s great news! But — somewhere in there can we get updated and more clearly written rules, available as a searchable PDF for download.

  14. avatar 58. COLELLA said :


  15. avatar 57. dafrca said :

    +1 to the curiosity regarding the next P500. 🙂

  16. avatar 56. Kuwanan said :

    Bonjour, vous avez un peu plus de visibilité pour la date de lancement du p500?

  17. avatar 55. Jotabe said :

    Est-ce qu’on est “very soon” maintenant? J’ai hâte d’en savoir plus et de participer au P500 🙂

  18. avatar 54. Dred ZeRed said :

    Et des Hommes Verts 😀
    Et des Schtroumpfs 😉

  19. avatar 53. thesandgamer said :

    Donc pour l’instant dans le P500 il aura:
    Le stompa
    Des terrains: des routes

  20. avatar 52. Dara said :

    need Chaos

  21. avatar 51. Dara Macken said :

    Cant wait!

  22. avatar 50. Sitrouille said :

    Ce sont de super nouvelles, bravo les Devil Pigs, comptez sur moi !

  23. avatar 49. LionSaurus said :

    Oooh! So there will be two P500 HoBR sessions, and then later a pre-order for the new core box. Thank you for clarifying @gduprez – I’ll be picking up both the HoBR P500’s, though the Eldar and Tyranid box is the real prize ! Looking very much forward to being able to play 4 player finally =)

  24. avatar 48. dafrca said :

    @gduprez: While I agree rumors are just rumors, they are also a lot of fun to follow as long as you do not take them as fact. LOL

    Also thank you for the peek behind the schedule curtain. It does help having an idea of the pace.

  25. avatar 47. gduprez said :

    “necrons vs raven guard”
    It’s not on the agenda. 😉

  26. avatar 46. MFAhriman said :

    Great news! I’m playing necrons vs raven guard this evening. 🙂

  27. avatar 45. gduprez said :

    The first P500 (2 HoBR products) is coming very soon.
    There will then be a second P500 (2 HoBR products) whose date is not stable enough for me to give you an estimate.
    Finally, Valedor’s pre-order is scheduled for the end of the year. It is this pre-order that is scheduled to be delivered in the first half of 2020.
    The P500s will be delivered before then.

  28. avatar 44. gduprez said :

    @Westonard: Yes, the community’s opinion has partially changed our choices. But we must not forget that rumours are… just rumours.

  29. avatar 43. Westonard said :

    On BGG and I believe here, it was said that Chaos and Imperial Fists were next. Going on this, it seems like Eldar and Tyranids got moved up. I take it this is related to what fans were asking for, and choosing to prioritize that, am I correct?

  30. avatar 42. LionSaurus said :

    @gduprez – two questions:
    1) Roughly which quarter of 2019 will the two different HoBR P500 start?
    2) Do I understand you correctly that the second HoBR P500 (Eldar and Tyranids) actual shipping/delivery is planned for first half of 2020?

    Thanks for any reply.

  31. avatar 41. Kuwanan said :

    Le P500 pour les extensions marines et ork est prevu pour quel mois sans avoir la date precise?

  32. avatar 40. gduprez said :

    Les combats dans les marais et les grottes de SoN sont top 😉

  33. avatar 39. thesandgamer said :

    @Dred Zered après c’est vrai que l’on peut utiliser les terrains HON pour HOBr mais c’est pas forcément fait pour, les terrains pour HOBr sont désertiques , après sa reste utilisable, j’ai jamais tester mais sa doit donner des choses différentes

  34. avatar 38. Laira said :

    Thanks DPG. Love HoBR. Glad it will be even more asymmetric. Keep up the good work.

  35. avatar 37. Dred ZeRed said :

    @gduprez Sans oublier que tout les terrains du Heroes System (HoN + SoN) sont susceptibles de la gamme d’êtres utilisés pour HoBR 😉
    Don’t forget that every maps from the Heroes System (HoN + SoN) could be used to play with HoBR 😉

  36. avatar 36. gduprez said :

    “But, please, please, please make sure … terrain from both boxes (Black Reach and Valedor) are interchangeable”
    It’s designed that way to allow you to create a wide variety of battlefields.
    Of course, Valedor will bring its share of new land, but the two ranges will be compatible.

  37. avatar 35. C0deb1ue said :

    Great choice of races!!!! excited++++

  38. avatar 34. Trichelieu said :


  39. avatar 33. Nemesis88 said :


  40. avatar 32. Dred ZeRed said :

    Right Here Sir:

  41. avatar 31. LionSaurus said :

    Sweeet! Will be getting supplement and new races! Looking the most forward to the new races (and new dices and order tokens naturally). Being able to play HoBR 4 player is something I have been waiting for.

    Anyone have lore about this new theater of war that I can read up on? In English please xD

  42. avatar 30. robotacon said :


  43. avatar 29. Dred ZeRed said :

    Valedor c’est aussi une extension des règles Apocalypse de W40k, qui permet de jouer des grandes batailles:

  44. avatar 28. BTEX said :

    Je n’ai pas lu le livre mais de ce que je comprends du résumé VALEDOR c’est eldars et dark eldars contre tyranides …
    Ça promet de belles batailles.
    Impatient aussi d’en savoir plus sur les P500 même si j’aurai aimé plus de diversité dans les SM.

  45. avatar 27. Dred ZeRed said :

    Je plussoie à la possibilité d’avoir un “All-in” pour pouvoir prendre d’un coup les unités et les rangements associés.

  46. avatar 26. Quickle said :

    Absolutely amazing! I’m stoked 🙂

    Btw, Tyranids is spelled with one ‘n’. 😉

  47. avatar 25. dafrca said :

    Wonderful news. But I admit it is going to drive me crazy waiting. LOL

    Well done DGPs.

  48. avatar 24. Alvaten said :

    !!! énorme news, ca va être rude d’attendre !!!

  49. avatar 23. Flar said :

    Excellent nouvelle et excellent choix.
    Des armées avec des styles marqués et bien différents des 2 actuelles.
    J’imagine qu’en plus une boite de base doit être plus facile à vendre que 3 extensions.

  50. avatar 22. pjdalbeck said :

    Awesome! Please make sure to include “all-in” options with Storage as per the original HoBS! The storage is what convinced me to back the recent HoN P500 once I saw how critical it is to organising a large collection!

  51. avatar 21. cdmdu said :

    Having units with different unit’s ground from the terrain is inevitable like having grassground upon street terrain or any unit’s ground on water and beach terrain…
    That’s even not an actual failing because the same thing happen with W40K figurines…
    Clearly not a problem for me.

  52. avatar 20. Kuwanan said :

    La gamme étant compatible avec les autres jeux la garde imperiale est moins cruciale car on peut jouer HON ou du SON pour les incarner. Donc je trouve que le choix des eldars et tyranide est une bonne idée pour varier le type de jeux. Restera comme toujours à faire en sorte que les factions soienr équilibrées entre elles et intrafaction, mais la fai le possibilité de doublon a ce jeu limite la casse.

  53. avatar 19. Skyarrow said :

    Bon film aussi ca me va^^

  54. avatar 18. Donnie said :

    Awesome news!

  55. avatar 17. Dred ZeRed said :

    Plutot dans un délire Starship Troopers vu les hordes de créatures qui te nettoient une planète en un rien de temps.

  56. avatar 16. Skyarrow said :

    Mise à part les spaces marines comme beaucoup de non initiés je ne connaissais pas les autres factions.
    Les tyranides ont l’air buen! Des bonnes tronches d’alien, de quoi faire un remake d’alien 2 lol.

  57. avatar 15. Dred ZeRed said :

    Sinon, faut pas hésiter à aller jeter un œil au choix d’armée sur le site Games Workshop.
    Ça peut donner le tournis tout ce plastique ^^

  58. avatar 14. Dred ZeRed said :

    Si on se base sur ce site français de référence:
    12 factions principales avec pour certaines, Space Marines et Chaos principalement des déclinaisons officielles (une multitude) et la possibilités de créer des armées personnalisées. La galaxie est vaste 😉

  59. avatar 13. thesandgamer said :

    Houla, faudra que je fasse des économies

  60. avatar 12. Skyarrow said :

    Merci je vais jeter un coup d’oeil voir à quoi ça ressemble.

  61. avatar 11. gduprez said :

    😀 😀 😀
    On s’enflamme pas tout de suite.

  62. avatar 10. Kuwanan said :

    chaos (9 legions differentes),demons, tyranide, culte genestealer, eldar, eldar noir, arlequin, space marine (9 chapitres principaux), garde imperial (5 regiments principaux), chevalier gris, custodes, soeur de bataille, tau, mecanicus, necron, ork (6 clans) et death watch. pour les principaux

  63. avatar 9. Colhammer said :


  64. avatar 8. gduprez said :


  65. avatar 7. Skyarrow said :

    Il y a combien de factions jouables dans l’univers wh40k?
    J’y connais rien^^

  66. avatar 6. Kuwanan said :

    Tres bonnes nouvelles. Pour la nouvelle boite vous parlez d une livraison S1 2020 ça signifie un P500 vers S2 2019 ou est le P500 que vous imaginez au S1 2020?

    hate de voir la suite.

  67. avatar 5. Dred ZeRed said :

    Tyranides !!!!!
    Tellement faim de biomasse à ingérer!!! 3:)

  68. avatar 4. Eclo said :

    Great news !! I was half-right 😉 I guessed Eldar & Chaos. Tyrannids are one of my least favorite armies but no problem, sign me up for a copy !!

    But, please, please, please make sure the units and terrain from both boxes (Black Reach and Valedor) are interchangeable in looks so we can have Ork vs Eldar battles also (without 1 army looking strange because the counters do not match the underground – like for example the Bedouins from Desert Wrath on normal Normandie terrain)

  69. avatar 3. Jotabe said :

    J’ai tellement hâte!!

  70. avatar 2. kenofyork said :

    Thanks! I will be ordering everything you make! Please consider making Imperial Guard also. There tanks are so cool and I would love to have them. They have the best armies. Also, Chaos Marines are another great option. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  71. avatar 1. PacoprettyGordo said :

    Fantastique nouvelle! Je vous souhaite vraiment toute la réussite possible et imaginable avec cette licence! Et pis Tyranides ça prend qu’un seul N.