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Heroes of Black Reach : Core Box

With more than 50 units, 100 action cards, 6 terrain tiles on both side, 8 scenarios and many options and psychic powers, embark for Black Reach make the dust dance with bolters and automatik’ fire


posted by Raphael the [15/03/2018]

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4 Comments on “Heroes of Black Reach : Core Box”

  1. avatar 4. Rommelsghost said :

    I second that question, I received an e-mail on 13 February 2018 stating that had shipped and have received anything yet. Sent a e-mail two weeks ago asking for a status still nothing. But I did receive notification that Heroes of Stalingrad is kickstarting soon…. I won’t consider it until my Heroes of Black Reach shipment gets sorted…

  2. avatar 3. timkuncl said :

    Um, It is late March, when am I going to get my Black Reach pre-order. Can I expect it soon, I hope.


  3. avatar 2. LionSaurus said :

    Can hardly wait to get my hands on this. More teasers please =)

  4. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    Ça va être terrible