Grand D-Day sales!

Devil Pig Games is 5 years old and it’s something to celebrate! From June 6th to June 30th it’s the D-Day sales with -50% on the whole shop (excluding pre-orders and new products)!


Project updates


Heroes of Normandie the Tactical Card Game
The production has finally begun! We hope to deliver it this summer (August or September). Pre-orders will be available of course.

Age of Towers
The carrying from China to the dispatch hubs has already begun for some destinations or will start soon. Pre-orders will be available of course.

Heroes of Black Reach
We are waiting the samples. The printing is over, now the factory is assembling the elements to create the punchboards.

Heroes of Stalingrad
We are checking the punchboards and the booklets are being proofread.

posted by Axel the [31/05/2018]

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4 Comments on “Grand D-Day sales!”

  1. avatar 4. Axel said :

    1.Il n’y a pas de code de réduction car celle-ci sera appliquée directement par nous sur tout le site.
    2. Merci 😉
    3. No, there is no stock and the reprint is not begun because we must wait for all the other products to be printed/assembled/sent (Age of Towers, Heroes of black Reach or Heroes of Normandie the Tactical Card Game).

  2. avatar 3. Lewis said :

    Will you have the Heroes-of-Normandie-core-box back in stock for your D-Day sale ?

  3. avatar 2. thia74 said :

    Bon anniversaire les cochons

  4. avatar 1. moidemai said :

    quel est le Code de réduction pour le jeu HEROES OF NORMANDIE version FR
    merci, cordialement