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Gazette N05 Preview

Hi everybody!
What a year, full of good things (and a few bas ones), of exciting adventures, amazing moments.
We’re happy to present you a sneak peak of the Gazette #5.
t took us more time than expected, because it has more content with 4 scenarios, one punchboard and a giant poster that represents the Arnhem bridge.
You should receive it in January.
We wish you all a merry christmas!
The Devil Pig Team




posted by yann the [24/12/2015]

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16 Comments on “Gazette N05 Preview”

  1. avatar 16. Axel said :

    In retail, not before July I think.

    Between the subscribers and the retail: 1 to 3 months.

  2. avatar 15. Dowters said :

    Fantastic, really looking forward to this one.

  3. avatar 14. Nivanti said :

    Amazing issue

  4. avatar 13. pauljericho said :

    When is it available retail? Cant wait to get it!!!!

  5. avatar 12. dafrca said :

    Just curious, how long of a delay is between this going to subscriptions and being available for retail ordering?

  6. avatar 11. Renaat said :

    Me like very much. Have been watching a ‘Bridge too far’ again in preparation 🙂

  7. avatar 10. Axe said :

    Waw, c’est tout beau ça. Voilà Frost avec sa petite trompette. Voilà encore un punchboard plein d’originalité!

  8. avatar 9. papa schultz said :

    “Hohenstaufen et Frundsberg , Ces deux divisions bloquent les parachutistes anglais et polonais à Arnhem, au cours de l’opération Market Garden, aux Pays-Bas, en septembre 1944 . “Citation historique ,est ce que vous pensez les publier ces deux derniere unitées Warren ss?.

  9. avatar 8. dafrca said :

    This is just wonderful. I am really looking forward to it.

  10. avatar 7. Rafteurman said :

    Haaaaaaaa !!! Énorme !

  11. avatar 6. dogboy said :


  12. avatar 5. thia74 said :

    Juste top !!!

  13. avatar 4. nellio said :

    Super et bonne fête de fin d’année à vous !

  14. avatar 3. gduprez said :

    Ça en jette.

  15. avatar 2. jacojack said :

    Joli! 🙂

  16. avatar 1. jefaille said :

    Merci, joyeux noel les cochons.