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[V1.2] Medic ability
Gazette #3 Medic ability Posted on [22/07/2016] à 06:48

Hi all, I just bought Gazette #3 , Easy Company, and cannot for the life of me find a description anywhere of the medic ability of Eugene….can someone please point me in the right direction ? Many thanks!

Gazette #3 Medic ability Posted on [22/07/2016] à 13:02

You should find this amongst the special abilities list.

The Medic can attribute the Assistance token to any infantry unit that just

suffered a hit, anywhere on the battlefield. Ignore the hit and

place the Assistance token and one Suppressed token on the damaged unit.

As long as the unit has the Assistance token, it cannot move nor discard the

Suppressed token. If the unit takes another hit, apply it.

The unit can be eliminated before being healed.

You cannot have more than one Assistance token per Medic.

You can remove the Assistance token from the unit to assign it to a new one.

In this case, the unit that just lost the Assistance token takes the hit it avoided.

You can discard the Assistance token if:

– The Medic is in space adjacent to the

damaged infantry unit.

– The Medic has not be already


– The Medic is on the “active” side.

Once the Assistance token is

discarded, flip the Medic to the

“unactive” side.

The healed unit will be able to normally

discard the Suppressed token at the end

of the Reserve phase

Gazette #3 Medic ability Posted on [22/07/2016] à 14:58

Thanks very much for such a comprehensive response ! I'm running with v 1.2b of the rules and it isn't in there.

Gazette #3 Medic ability Posted on [22/07/2016] à 15:17

See the downloads section.


Game tools

Special habilities summary and erratas

You'll find it there.

And yes they put an H in abilities… 😀

Gazette #3 Medic ability Posted on [22/07/2016] à 19:06

Nice job, Moomer 😎

And yes, English is not DPG's first language. The 'H' has cropped up a few times.

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Gazette #3 Medic ability Posted on [23/07/2016] à 00:35

Thanks again Moomer, that file is a must-have!

[V1.2] Medic ability Posted on [31/05/2020] à 20:22


What i find unclear in the rules is about the wording when they mention "a unit that just suffered a hit".

Does that mean that the aid marker can be placed as a response to a unit that just took a hit outside of the medic's turn, thus allowing one hit points units (like scouts) to survive for a time, or the aid marker should be placed during the medic unit's turn by flipping its token. This would mean only 2 hit points units could benefit from it.

I think i might be overthinking or misinterpreting the rules about what the medic can do.

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