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Some errors and also Jury-rigged
Some errors and also Jury-rigged Posted on [24/12/2017] à 20:22

Grenade and Panzerfaust tokens that fail to work 33% of the time… 🙄 Still requires an Order to have failed it too… that's pretty darn important.

Sadly it's like they've taken a page out of an old Games Workshop rule set, put in there to be silly but really just screws with a faction. Jury-Rigged needs to change. Or just be removed if they have no reasonable solution.

(note: I believe they may have changed it to a 2+ it works, but still not an interesting solution)

My solution?:

Jury-Rigged items can be used normally or instead of taking a move action in the Supplies phase, in which case flip those numbers (it only goes off on a 5+). Unless it successfully goes off, each token is not discarded, but instead stays with the unit that attempted its use, and can be attempted by that unit again in a later turn. This amounts to the unit continuing to fiddle with the damn thing until getting the charge to prime. Also, if the unit was hidden before attempting the attack (in something other than mud or water), in the event the jury rig roll fails they return to hidden status.

Thematic. Fun. No one (that didn't deserve it) gets hurt 😀 .

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