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Scenario-Wettbewerb: Scenario 2
Scenario-Wettbewerb: Scenario 1 Posted on [03/03/2015] à 18:27

"The English player can recover extra stuffs dropped by aircraft. If he

does this, he earns an additional 5 Smokes.

Smoke: The English player can, each turn, via infantry unit, use a

Smoke marker. He puts a Smoke marker on an space at a maximum

distance of 1 space instead to make a shot. At the end of the activation

phase, each space covered by a Smoke marker is under attack from the

Supermarine Spitfire Airstrike card with a +2 bonus against heavy

tanks. The Smoke lasts two turns.

The English player begins with 4 Smokes."

Habe ich was übersehen oder ergibt sich aus der Bescheibung nicht, was man tun muss, um die

zusätzlichen 5 Rauchbomben zu bekommen oder bekommt man die automatisch?

Scenario-Wettbewerb: Scenario 2 Posted on [14/03/2015] à 12:12

Since I read German well enough but writing it is a different story – i'll answer in english…

The English player only gets the extra 5 "Smoke" when he reaches the English objective on tile C4-B, next to the German deployment zone. On the bright side, there is nothing in the rules that says that unit has to make it back to their own lines

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it

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