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Welcome, Introduce yourself
Welcome Posted on [01/02/2014] à 10:00

Website is cool.

Will the Carentan, Pegasus bridge and st mere eglise expansions be up for pre order?

Aftermath Gaming Club and Diceni

Welcome Posted on [02/02/2014] à 00:46

Rando Commando (kickstarter) checking in for assignment!

Great site!!!! Good job Yann and (just) Clem!

Rando Commando- KS Backer!

Welcome Posted on [03/02/2014] à 06:38

Cheers everyone!

From Columbus Ohio, the lower 48 here.

I'm a bit of a "Johnny-come-lately" here, not a "kick starter" sad to say, but I sure wouldn't want to miss out on this game. It looks like the start of something special! I just pre-ordered the core set here state side, and am anxious to order or pre order whatever is available for this game!

Again, "Cheers!" to all here!

Young, Rodger W., Private, 148th Infantry, 37th Infantry Division; born Tiffin, Ohio, 28 April 1918; died 31 July 1943, on the island of New Georgia, Solomons, South Pacific, while singlehandedly attacking and destroying an enemy machine-gun pillbox. His platoon had been pinned down by intense fire from this pillbox; Private Young was wounded in the first burst. He crawled toward the pillbox, was wounded a second time but continued to advance, firing his rifle as he did so. He closed on the pillbox, attacked and destroyed it with hand grenades, but in so doing he was wounded a third time and killed. His bold and gallant action in the face of overwhelming odds enabled his teammates to escape without loss; he was awarded posthumously the MEDAL OF HONOR.

Welcome Posted on [03/02/2014] à 15:49

Hello from another European KS backer. Can't wait for the shipment to arrive!

Welcome Posted on [04/02/2014] à 20:14

Ciao at all from an italian war gamer and good luck for the Heroes of Normandy.

Welcome Posted on [05/02/2014] à 11:27

Hello from another European KS backer (from Spain!)

Mush have mush have mush have!

Welcome Posted on [03/04/2014] à 17:47

Hello from a Canadian Backer! Looking forward to seeing this in all its glory. I'm a sucker for nice art, and the art and design on this game make me drool everytime I see an update.

In the store they should sell some art prints.

Welcome Posted on [03/04/2014] à 20:35

Welcome to you all ! I hope you'll enjoy our forum and our game.

Welcome Posted on [20/11/2014] à 17:48

Hello everyone!

I started playing HoN for a few weeks and I can not out of my mind! Congratulations again, really really good game!

…and after the expansion of D-Day, Carentan will soon be mine! 😀

Diego Facci

Welcome Posted on [15/04/2015] à 10:16

Hello! Ciao!

I am interested in WW2's history, battles and armies and I love boardgames, so with HoN it was love at first sight!

I love especially the simple rules (that let me to play with everyone!), the artwork of the game (that remember me the video game "Commandos" saga) and above all the customization of the armies!

This game has shown me that I am an avid collector: every time I see something new (like new punchboard), I must have it!

Congratulation to Yann & Clem (that I met in Lucca Comics & Games last year) and to all the staff of Devil Pig!


Welcome Posted on [15/04/2015] à 18:50

Hi Everybody,

US player (Florida) here. I didn't back the kickstarter unfortunately and I missed the SoN kickstarter. But the system really interests me. Just picked up the core, gazette 1, and some army boxes. I see the rest following in short order. It should arrive today and I'm really looking forward to playing and participating.

Welcome Posted on [28/10/2015] à 19:41

Hi, I'm fairly new to this game, found it out mounth ago, it seems to be very nicely put together, I'm lookin forward for new units and war fronts 😀

As of me, I love wargames, this reminds me a lot of Men of War series but on the board, which is just lovely!

Also I'm wandering here and there, leaving my ideas for improving/expanding games and hoping that both players and devs will like them and maybe even use them in their products 🙂

With that said I'm eagerly inviting you to check my topic about Medics in the Heroes of Normandie section on the forum!

Please leave your opinions and feedback, thanks! :mrgreen:

Welcome Posted on [28/10/2015] à 21:43

I love HoN!!!

I'm an avid gamer. Mostly 28mm historicals but also Sci-Fi. Both spill over into 15mm. Though paint at a decent level my forte seems to be in building terrain. (Please forgive any hint of arrogance)

My particular friend Cal and I have been enjoying HoN tremendously! We have played 4 games so far out of the base game scenarios. They all have been close games. Surprising events in each, with some very cinematic moments such as;

Clint activating and playing a "Burst into Action" card fireing mid-movement into a wounded Houser. (Who's zone of control prevented him from carrying the dynamite into the HQ in "My heart goes boom". Clint eliminates Houser removing the zone of control and dashing into the HQ for the win!

I've been going crazy buying up the expansions. I've also been surfing this forum downloading like mad. I have enjoyed the posts and look forward to many more. Thank you all, especially Yann, Clem, and Alex.

Welcome Posted on [22/11/2015] à 18:38

Greetings from Colorado Springs. This is Dan Brewer country !

Welcome Posted on [22/11/2015] à 22:44

Hello from Burbank, California, USA. :mrgreen:

Just learned about this game recently and bought the core last week. Look forward to playing and collecting the many things I have missed.

Have a great week folks.


Member of the “Cult of the Inexisting New” – Thanks bartdevuyst

Welcome Posted on [25/11/2015] à 16:58

Quote from dafrca on [22/11/2015] à 22:44

Hello from Burbank, California, USA. :mrgreen:

Why do we always end up in the same places? 🙂

Welcome Posted on [24/12/2015] à 06:18

Quote from pixelgeek on [25/11/2015] à 16:58

Quote from dafrca on [22/11/2015] à 22:44

Hello from Burbank, California, USA. :mrgreen:

Why do we always end up in the same places? 🙂


Because we both have such great taste?

Member of the “Cult of the Inexisting New” – Thanks bartdevuyst

Welcome Posted on [19/04/2016] à 23:35


I am new in HoN community and I looking for players from Cracow/Rzeszow in Poland.:)

Welcome, Introduce yourself Posted on [22/05/2022] à 13:40

hi everyone,

it took me some time to find the introductions thread 😕

late jumper into the system, but I've followed the evolution since the first kickstarter. it always caught my eye, but I own a medium-large game collection and it's hard to find time to love'em all. so finally got a very nice HoN/SoN second hand deal I couldn't refuse 😆 but resold the SoN to get some HoBR stuff more or my liking. since then, I've been able to complete my collection here (DPG store) and there (french second hand sites and local stores for hard to find items, meeting some very nice french people in the way, though virtually). I've even managed to play a handfull of games in the meantime, and had a blast. it deserves right where advertised, giving fast, epic and kind of light-hearted action that's really fun to play.

keep up the good work DPG 🙂

you might find I'll have a questioning position in some of my posts, but will always try to be constructive. I'd love to see the system getting more and more popular. DPG has gone trought thick and thin already, and I hope it's made its muscles grow to keep pushing forward for a long time! I'm looking forward to get a HoS reprint and see the HoBR range expanded (enough ultramarines already!).

ready for some action, sir

– “Hey, amigo! You know you have a face beautiful enough to be worth two thousand dollars?” – “Yeah, but you don’t look like the one who’ll collect it”

Welcome, Introduce yourself Posted on [16/02/2023] à 04:49

I've only just discovered the HoWWII, series and am currently waiting on my BRO box to arrive in the post.

…and because I love variety, I've also ordered a number of supplemental products from the DPG store.

I live in Oakland, California, in the USA, where I work as a business and leadership development professional. In my past, I served 21 years in the Marines, so I'm looking forward to the new Pacific Theater box!

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