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Stickers - downloadable file
Stickers - downloadable file Posted on [18/03/2023] à 19:01

Hi all,

in this post: https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/p500-boite-de-rangement-generique-pour-shadows-over-normandie/

… there is the following sentence:

A downloadable file explains which groups of game elements correspond with each sticker.

I have not had any success in finding this file. I know there is this:


… but I don't think that's what the post is referencing, as it doesn't show any of the stickers and is very broad in its description of what goes where. Does anyone have a link to the file specifically referred to in the P500 post?

In any case I am struggling to sort everything. There are 3 different stickers for each faction and I'm not sure what the extra symbols (crates and silhouettes of what appear to be sappers?) denote.

Also, I appear to have a deckbox and sleeves for the Investigator faction but no Investigator deck; are these intended for use with the FFI deck with exchanged Investigator cards mentioned here: https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/forum/?action=viewtopic&t=12819? Or am I missing a dedicated Investigator Deck somehow?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!

An overwhelmed newbie who has only just got around to punching and sorting all his HoN/SoN/HoS content

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Stickers - downloadable file Posted on [18/03/2023] à 20:11

I can tell you that the Investigator deck does not exist. Its deck box and sleeves were made together with all sleeves and deck boxes for the other Shadows over Normandie factions. Unfortunately, the actual action card deck for the investigators was not made as such.

Fortunately, as you mention yourself, a couple of years ago the FFI deck was developed together with a set of conversion cards that convert this FFI deck into an investigator deck for SoN. You can use the investigator sleeves for the FFI deck if you don’t have the actual FFI sleeves.

There is a guide on how to use the latest Shadows over Normandie stickers (I translated it). Let’s see if I can find it.

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Stickers - downloadable file Posted on [18/03/2023] à 20:18

Here is the article that explains the SoN storage from the P500 campaign.

You will have to figure out yourself how you will store the faction elements (I.e Deep Ones, …) but this will help you get started.


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Stickers - downloadable file Posted on [18/03/2023] à 21:09

Thank you Bart, that's very helpful!

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