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Market Garden gazette #4 Roast Beef Stummel Posted on [08/02/2023] à 22:49

My son and I have just played through the first scenario of the Market Garden campaign, gazette number 4.

After finishing, we set about eagerly collecting the forces up for the next game, Roast Beef, Polish Sauce, 2 Days at a High Heat. Its all great stuff, and we are very excited.

The Panzergrenadiere regiment for the second wave includes a Stummel, which I think is from the S. S. Panzergrenadiere punchboard. However, the Stummel I have on that punchboard does not match the recruitment tile image. My son also has that punchboard, and has the same unit. Is this a known issue? What's the official line on the scenario set up, I can't seem to find any answers for this.


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