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SD. KFZ 234/3 Stummel
SD. KFZ 234/3 Stummel Posted on [29/08/2022] à 10:37

Hi. I have a question about the Stummel from the Panzer-Aufklarungs platoon in the Bloody Omaha box set.

I am unsure as to how to fire it. The art work seems to depict two weapons, a main cannon and a side mounted MG42.

Most vehicles have their main weapon stats on the left of the token, and the backup weapon on the right. No problems so far.

The Stummel has the icons for Fire On The Move, Suppressive Fire and Machine Gunner, all of which are consistent with the MG42.

However, it also has a green Howitzer symbol, in the same profile. What does this mean? Because it is not separated out as a 'main' weapon, presented on the left, I don't know whether or not the Stummel gets to fire once, either with a green template, or a suppressive machine gun attack, or if the symbols somehow combine together? Do I get to fire both together?

I'm sure I am missing something simple, but any clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


SD. KFZ 234/3 Stummel Posted on [29/08/2022] à 11:47

Quote from Valianttimdjango on [29/08/2022] à 10:37

Most vehicles have their main weapon stats on the left of the token, and the backup weapon on the right. No problems so far.

Not quite right, but your confusion is understandable.

There are 2 classes of Vehicles. The rules for each type are both found on P.05 of the BRO rulebook.

Heavy Vehicles also all have 4 different Grey Defense Value Shields on their token, one for each side of the Vehicle. The Stummel has only one purple shield, which indicates it is a Light Vehicle.

For Heavy Vehicles, all abilities linked to the Primary Weapon have the same red outline, and all abilities linked to the Secondary weapon have the same yellow outline. As a Light Vehicle, the Stummel should (in theory) have only 1 attack.

However, DPG was cheating and created a hybrid vehicle with two different attack types, however the rules mechanisms actually support this, let me see if I can explain why.

The Combat Values shown on the Stummel are for the MG42, that also applies to the Machine Gunner and Suppressive Fire abilities, which work from the unit's Printed Combat Values.

The Howitzer attack replaces the normal Firing Action of the Stummel with an Alternate Firing Action, as noted in the entry for Howitzer (BRO, P.23). This Alternate Firing Action uses the Combat Values printed on the appropriate Blast Template.

One important note about Alternate Firing Actions (BRO, P.14) is that they do NOT use the Unit's printed Combat Values, and furthermore cannot use any of the Unit's OTHER Special Abilities. So you cannot use Machine Gunner or Suppressive Fire with the Howitzer attack.

Fire of the Move is a bit of a special case. It allows a unit performing a Movement Action to ALSO take a Firing Action, but often with a stated penalty to the Combat Values of the unit, such as the case of the Stummel (-2). However, as noted in the Vehicle Weapons section (just after the Alternate Firing Action section on P.14), Fire on the Move is typically used for "support weapons such as machine guns" so, generally speaking, the Fire on the Move ability should not be used with the Howitzer attack.

…any clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Understandable. Hopefully I have clarified it for you.

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SD. KFZ 234/3 Stummel Posted on [29/08/2022] à 17:12

Wow, thank you for your quick reply!

Yes, I see now, that's very clear. Your explanation makes perfect sense. Looks like we played it right, by intuition. I guess I failed to make the distinction between heavy and light vehicles with regards the way weapons are presented on the token. I knew it would be something simple.

Thank you so much. Loving the game.


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