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Multiplayer games for 6 players?
Multiplayer games for 6 players? Posted on [06/08/2022] à 00:16

So our game club in the states (Shieldwall Gaming in Willoughby Ohio (Address: 35104 Euclid Ave, Suite 202, Willoughby, OH 44094 U.S.A. Phone number 1-440-413-5666) is hosting a convention in December.

I want to take HoN there and run a game. The Question is has anyone done a 6 player game 3 vs 3? I've read the rules for 2 vs 2 but want to be able to take as many as I can as slots in the convention schedule are limited.

I kickstarted Hon:BRO and have Omaha so I thought a nice beach storming would do the trick.

Has anyone tried a 3 vs 3 battle. Do you need a deck for everyone or can you still get away with just one on a side?

Multiplayer games for 6 players? Posted on [06/08/2022] à 22:30

I personally never played a game with that many people in it. It would take a pretty big scenario to really make it work, so that everyone can get a reasonable number of troops to control.

The cards get odd. Maybe let every player on a side have 2 cards for their hand size? That boosts the card count per side but without getting too crazy and gives everyone a couple of cards to play with. You could perhaps give the folks on a side a chance to trade cards so that someone without a unit with Tripod could trade away a Speed Setup they don't need… but since the BRO decks have alternate bonus values, that is likely not a huge requirement.

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Multiplayer games for 6 players? Posted on [07/08/2022] à 20:31


You could check


Maybe these rules give some ideas.


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