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[BRO+Omaha] Scenario Mistakes
[BRO+Omaha] Scenario Mistakes Posted on [01/08/2022] à 19:15

We failed to catch some sabotage earlier in BRO development. Someone stripped out a rules change to some scenarios and that theft got overlooked.

Some scenarios require a controlled Secondary Objective to remain in play for the entire scenario (being Controlled like a Primary Objective). That is different from the standard Capture and removal of a controlled Secondary Objective (as described in BRO Scenarios, P.04)

The Free-battle mode games use the original "capture and remove" mechanism.

The affected scenarios are:

BRO Scenario Book

Plain Carnage (P.16-17)

Le Quesnay (P.20-21)

Surrounded! (P.22-23)

Windy at Sept-Vents (P.24-25)

Bloody Omaha Book

Rivers of No Return (P.20-21 and P.22-23)

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