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Concealed + change of state
Concealed + change of state Posted on [25/07/2022] à 19:39

Another doubt: what happens when the "concealed" option is used on a unit which has a change of state ability (such as alert, tripod, medic)?

I assume the unit gets concealed in its current state.

But can then the state be changed without losing the concealment?

Concealed + change of state Posted on [27/07/2022] à 23:05

It is my understanding that any concealed unit has only the special abilities that are visible, which is to say none.

Concealed says it works "like the Ambush special ability", so while Ambushed, a unit has only the abilities displayed on its Ambush side (that is why Snipers have their Sniper ability on the Ambush side). Only when the unit is revealed can you use any of the Special Abilities on the unit.

So set up the unit however you want it to be setup when revealed and drop the Ambush counter on it.

I will check for clarification, just to be sure.

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Concealed + change of state Posted on [29/07/2022] à 00:41

Thanks Nostradunwich!

I'm aware the skills will not transfer to the concealed state.

I am asking because, depending on what state the unit is before getting concealed, movement may differ and its attack stats and abilities may be different as well once it gets out of concealment.

To put it in one easy example, a MG-42 is very different from one side to the other.

Basically I would like to know if it is fine to conceal any side. Once a unit is concealed, I assume it can't change state until it gets out of concealment first.

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