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Crew ability
Crew ability Posted on [25/07/2022] à 19:33

I have a doubt pertaining the "crew" skill.

Assuming a character with such a skill is on a vehicle on its active side who should be ordered to activate the vehicle?

The character or the vehicle itself?

Would it be possible to put on order on each to have the character leave the vehicle and the vehicle act independently?

I am assuming orders should go precisely on the vehicle or the character, otherwise a number of messy situation may come up, but maybe I'm getting this wrong.

Crew ability Posted on [26/07/2022] à 09:14

You can place order tokens on both.

In that case, it’s assumed that the crew unit is leaving the vehicle because that unit has no combat values. It cannot do anything else but move off the vehicle. It only adds its special abilities to the vehicle when it’s on it, that’s all.

There are vehicles that cannot act without a ‘driver’, but that’s a separate special ability. Assume that the vehicle you are adding or removing the Crew unit from, has an operating team of its own… it can act without the Crew unit.

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Crew ability Posted on [26/07/2022] à 09:54

Thanks for that bartdevuyst! 🙂

A couple of follow up questions then.

1) if, for example, Otto is on his tank and both the tank and himself are ordered, then it is legal to have the tank act first also using Otto's skills ("frightening shot" in this case), then have Otto acting later, leaving the tank and doing whatever, right?

2) customizations and crews: I am inclined to think that, roughly speaking, if a crew character has a weapon as a customization he can use it only when on foot, but if it is a skill instead that can be used also when driving (as long as that possible, e.g. "leader", "frightening shot", "opportunistic fire" yes; anything close combat related no). Is this correct? The mix between customizations and crew characters opens up a ton of cases, so any guideline is very welcome.

As always, thanks in advance for any help! 😀

Crew ability Posted on [26/07/2022] à 10:56

1/ yes. Correct.

2/ A vehicle never benefits from a Characters’s Customization. See Big Red One rules, page 31.

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Crew ability Posted on [26/07/2022] à 11:02

Great, all clear!

Thank you very much! 😀

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