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Scenario Events - Timing
Scenario Events - Timing Posted on [01/07/2022] à 23:32

Apologies if I’ve missed something obvious! I’m reading (and re-reading) the rules pdf whilst my BRO box travels slowly towards my house…

Do scenario events happen at a particular time in the turn? I see a scenario specific effects bullet point at multiple places in 8.1, but I’m not clear on when things are supposed to happen. For example, in the Chicken scenario, just when in turn 2 do the half-tracks appear?

I felt like I’d read this somewhere, but can’t find it.

Scenario Events - Timing Posted on [02/07/2022] à 01:38

Usually this kind of things happens at the suply phase of the indicated turn.


Scenario Events - Timing Posted on [02/07/2022] à 09:04

Most of the time, the timing is detailed in the scenario explanation.

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Scenario Events - Timing Posted on [02/07/2022] à 09:58

Thanks for the replies.

Still a little unsure though 🙁

There are a two ‘scenario specific effects’ in the turn order during the supply phase. Before and after support moves so potentially very different.

The scenarios in the BRO don’t seem to specify any particular timing so I assumed it’d be a general rules somewhere.

Scenario Events - Timing Posted on [03/07/2022] à 16:59

There are no specific rules for reinforcements, but the general rules for off-board deployment work very well:

Unless you bring a unit onto the board with an Order Token, then it can enter during the Supply Phase movement, along with all other unactivated units.

In some scenarios, the units specifically arrive at the end of a turn, which is always in the Supply Phase movement.

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Scenario Events - Timing Posted on [03/07/2022] à 17:41

That's helpful at clarifying some stuff, thanks 🙂

So the missions where other things happen (ie the turn 2 objectives appearing in A Rough Night), unless it says otherwise would that happen at the start of the indicated round?

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