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Variations to keep things interesting
Variations to keep things interesting Posted on [31/05/2022] à 09:25

Although many of the environmental conditions do not make a lot of sense for 40K (such as Darkness), I took the concept of Fog as a template and tried to come up with something for Black Reach

Sand Storm

Maximum firing range is 7 squares. You may not fire further.

The long range penalty begins at 5 squares.

In order to spot a unit concealed in a terrain element, you need to be adjacent to it.

A unit can conceal itself in open ground (i.e. not in a terrain element) if no enemy has a clear LoS to it within 3 squares.

Increase scattering for indirect fire by 2 squares.

The range of indirect fire is unchanged.

You may not use Aircraft.

Any unit ending its Movement out in the open (no terrain) receives a Suppressed Token and will not lose it until it is in cover.

Any other ideas?

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