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Solo Mode Decision Tables
Solo Mode Decision Tables Posted on [09/05/2022] à 22:22

Hello everyone, I have a question about the Solo Mode Decision Tables.

1.) What do you mean when it says: "a terrain element with the lowest defensive bonus"?

When all Terrain Elements on the board are +1!


2.) there are 2 of my units in LOS of the AI and they are both 2 spaces away. Which one do I choose? (all priorities apply equally to both)

Solo Mode Decision Tables Posted on [09/05/2022] à 22:51

The Decision Tables are here to help you choosing an action for your ennemy’s units.

But if they are two similar possibilities, you have to choose the best one depending of your ennemy’s point of view.

« If I was him, what should I do ? »

This is the good action to play.

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