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How to use the Initiative card?
A DOUBT ABOUT... THE INITIATIVE CARDS... Posted on [03/05/2022] à 04:28

…the INITIATIVE cards…

Hi to everyone;

I hope to have correctly used the Initiative cards since I started to play HStS…

But, nonetheless, a dumb doubt arose yesterday, while I was playing solo…

The doubt regards how the correct use and the timing, of use, of such said card and how you and/or the correct rules interpret and solve it, during the game…

May someone write me here down below how has to be correctly used such card (INITIATIVE) ?!?

I used it as follows:

1- my adversary has the Initiative on the turn track… He / She starts the action/actions with one of their units that received their "X numbered Order Tokens"…

2- I have that card in my hand and use it as an "Instant/Interrupt(ion)" card is played / used in the Magic the Gathering game… Stating "wait…I use Initiative to act before your unit with the X wooden order upon it"…

3- if he/she wanted to use, let's say, the troop or vehicule with the number 4 order token on it, and my unit with the order 4 has not yet acted or has been activated/destroyed; I have the chance to do some action(s) with it… Before the adversary can do anything.

5- this is not possible if he/she wants to activate a unit with a special order token on it or similar.

6- after I acted like that, the turn order goes back to them and they can act as normal. And the game/turn order proceeds onwards normally.

Am I correct or not? Want to know your opinion… Be fair, be polite and honests… Thanks in advance.

A DOUBT ABOUT... THE Posted on [03/05/2022] à 08:44

That sounds correct.

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