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How many storage boxes for all?
How many storage boxes for all? Posted on [27/03/2022] à 21:40

Hi, as the title says, does anyone know how many storage boxes (those boxes with 6 trays) are needed if I have HoBR with all expansions? So how many for the marines and how many for the Orks? In the shop there is not even a pic of the included stickers to get any estimate.

How many storage boxes for all? Posted on [28/03/2022] à 10:43

My collection is in storage, but I think two Army Storage Boxes per faction is enough. Two for the Ultramarines, and two for the Orks. That is if you also use the Core Box Storage for storing units (8 drawers).

The original preorder offered one per faction, but there were two more extra expansions after that (Bad Moons and Battlegrounds Set). I'm not sure if the second one for the Ultramarines is mandatory, but you would need an additional one for the Orks to store the Stompa and extra Bad Moon units.

This article talked about storage:


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How many storage boxes for all? Posted on [28/03/2022] à 16:06

two for the marines and three for the Orks if you have the P500 Bad Moon stuff. Sadly they never actually printed the new stickers they were supposed to. Here's hoping if there is another round of preorders that will get remedied.

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