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HoN / SoN at DunDraCon, Feb 18-21
HoN / SoN at DunDraCon, Feb 18-21 Posted on [21/01/2022] à 06:22

Greetings HoN Grognards,

I will be running a big Heroes of Normandie game (with some serious S0N elements) on Saturday, Feb 19, at DunDraCon in Santa Clara, California. I have slots for six players, and I'd love to see some of you comrades at the con.

"The Longest, Darkest Day – While the Allies struggle to get off the beaches on June 6, 1944, the French Resistance must battle against the foulest inhuman forces the Nazis can bring to bear. Warning, this game includes occult themes and Nazis. Lots of Nazis."

By the way, DPG fellows, is there a process for requesting promos or prize support for convention events? I'd like to use this to grow the local fanbase for the game.



HoN / SoN at DunDraCon, Feb 18-21 Posted on [20/02/2022] à 21:00

A friend of mine played this a bit … He ran the German Panzer tile. I wish I were there. He sent some screen shots. Got to admit I was a bit Jealous.

HoN / SoN at DunDraCon, Feb 18-21 Posted on [24/02/2022] à 01:41

Please tell Dan that it was a pleasure to meet him. I hope he enjoyed the game.

I'm thinking of doing some smaller events next time. Maybe a handful of two-player intro games for new players.

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