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ISSUES WITH THE CARD "READY": Posted on [01/12/2021] à 19:34

Is it possible to think about doing, or do for real, 3 moves WITH THE SAME TROOP TILE, by using this card (READY) in combo with the "PERVITIN" card seen in the Heroes of Stalingrad ?

I ask this because I remember that it is similar to the Dynamic card, but such card has to be used, or can be used, when a troop of kine with a token order is wiper out before even having a chance to act… While, states the FAQ about such cards, the READY cards are meant to, or can be used to, remove orders so to be able TO ACT TWICE A TURN with the same troop. Being such token orders already revealed or not…

But… Since PERVITIN card allow you to ALREADY act TWICE… What happens if it is paired or linked up somehow with the READY card above mentioned and in the way, above mentioned?!?

As it is now, it seems feasable to act 3 times. Or is it not possible/allowable?

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