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Neoprene playmats
Neoprene playmats Posted on [13/10/2021] à 07:13

I'm working on a 2sided playmat, got the idea from the nice but not that stable map from Arnhem. One side is (like Arnhem) grasslands, other side is open water.

Latest hires versions:



At the moment this seems a good candidate where to order:


I used some hires tournament maps for the correct hires grass look, (thx Bart), and if the quality of the map itself is good, i'm thinking of putting them on neoprene too.

Feel free to use and order for yourself

Johan Van Gijsegem

Neoprene playmats Posted on [13/10/2021] à 10:52

Nice work.

Deepcut Studios does custom printing on neoprene mats too.

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Neoprene playmats Posted on [13/10/2021] à 11:09

Ooeeeh! That might be very handy! I'm curious to see how it looks in real-life when you get your mat!

Neoprene playmats Posted on [17/10/2021] à 17:26

small visual update:



Johan Van Gijsegem

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