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Hero Customization Special Abilities & Vehicles
Hero Customization Special Abilities & Vehicles Posted on [19/10/2021] à 04:42

Quote from cdmdu on [03/10/2021] à 22:44

A life point is attached to one person, generally an Hero, here, to Heinrich.

This rule apply to all customizations and level-up add-ons (with a cloudy blue background).

So you can’t use it for a vehicle nether for anyone of the crew but the hero.

I don’t know any other Heinrich Hero with a “native” Life Point.

I know that in the game there are at least other 2: one is Vassily Zaytsev, the hero sniper of the Soviet Union… The other one is the Zundapp order bringer soldier that arrives within an expansion of the Stalingrad set itself… And which is one of my preferred characters of all the game. He represents the 2nd wound with the fact that on the reverse side of the hero token there is a version of him "wounded and / or without the motorbike", so representing the fact that the 1st life point is assigned to him and the 2nd to his motorbike. Once he is hit the 1st time, he loses substantially, his bike along with the relative cross country capabilities and some of his former combat skill and icons…

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