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New Storage Boxes?
New Storage Boxes? Posted on [07/09/2021] à 17:44


I've got the last two SoN storage boxes in the store. Unfortunately I need more to store all the game material (at least another 6 boxes).

I would also need enough boxes to store all the HoN and HoS material I have. I have not calculated the boxes that I would need but they are quite a lot since I do not have any.

Does anyone know if the storage boxes for all three games are going to be re-sold? Or at least some standard storage boxes that would fit any of them?

Another thing. How do I get the stickers for the HoN and HoS storage boxes?


New Storage Boxes? Posted on [08/09/2021] à 13:38

Hi Roguetrader,

I used a few from Heroes of Stalingrad 🙂

New Storage Boxes? Posted on [09/09/2021] à 03:06

I'm in the same boat. I would love to get my hands on some UK and German boxes. I wonder if they would do a kickstarter for them, or at least have the old sticker sheets available for future storage boxes.

New Storage Boxes? Posted on [09/09/2021] à 09:41

There was a reprint for storage boxes in early 2019, if I remember correctly. So, you could say that storage gets a reprint from time to time.

In the past, stickers were included with the storage, but for new products with units, the stickers now come with the product (to not keep updating the sticker sheet continuously).

I assume that a reprint will contain stickers for all older units, but I'm not certain, nor do I have any official info on this.

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

New Storage Boxes? Posted on [21/12/2021] à 22:46

Heroes of Stalingrad is the best game!

Jozafat Kalinowski

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