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What's next?
What's next? Posted on [10/08/2021] à 22:53

I've just returned to the Heroes/Shadows games after a lengthy break. I backed the Shadows kickstarter, picked up HoN at the same time and I've gone on to pick up a few extra expansions and gazettes along the way but I've barely found time to play in recent years.

My eldest son (now 8) has shown an interest and after a few skirmishes he wants more more more. We'll be playing the Lost Battalion campaign in the near future and he's asked if I can look for more Deep One content which lead me back here to the forums.

However things seem very quiet.

I was hoping to find some news on upcoming products or a whiff of what's in development but the news seems sparse.

From what I can tell 'Nyarlathoteps Awakening' was looking like a very promising set but is this likely to ever be released?

Is there a roadmap for the future of this line?

What's next? Posted on [26/08/2021] à 23:00

I've been reading the Achtung Cthulhu: Guide to the Eastern Front this week – I'd be very interested in seeing a Heroes of Stalingrad themed expansion for SoN.

Something that touches on the soviet occult factions of Otdel MI / Institute 21.

Maybe even Baba Yaga's chicken legged tank.

What's next? Posted on [29/08/2021] à 06:39

The roadmap is:

-if Big Red One edition doesn't sell good enough, DPG will probably die a slow death

-if BROe sells decently, I predict at least 1 expansion for that (because it's their best selling line)

-When/if they're financially stable, then maybe sometime we get something else (probably SoN or the teased Heroes of Fanytasy)

This is all my guesstimates of course. There is very little SoN activity here. I recommend BGGs SoN forums (which are far from active, but also not quite as dead).

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