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Scenario 1, Balance?
Scenario 1, Balance? Posted on [03/08/2021] à 17:07

Is Scenario 1 supposed to be balanced or just a gentle introduction? The scenario seems heavily in favor of the marines if they stay put on the 2×2 rock with the tacticals in front. If orks stay put too, it's a tie. If orks move towards the marines, orks suffer heavy losses and are not able to do much successful shooting or assaulting by end of turn 4.

Scenario 1, Balance? Posted on [04/08/2021] à 16:04

It seems to be just an introductive/tutorial scenario… It happens something similar in the mission tutorial for Heroes of Normandie… That scenario into which a team of germans and another one if USA rangers try to reach the envelopes of a fallen paratrooper before the opposite side does…

That scenario layout or starting gears and positions of the troops are seemingly in favour of the USA side… I remember playing that scenario in my ludoteque club and most of the times the US troops won… Due to the scenery itself… Qnd the fact the halftracks if both sides arrive not in the 1st turn, but in subsequent ones… And the german vehicule has to proceed zig zaging while the USA's one has just to move straight, turn twice, save the man or the troops with the documents and then rush away as hell itself was on its traces… And then the US player can win more easily. German players can win if he obtains favourable dice rolls to extablish where documents and dead paratrooper/spy are located, and by strategically thinking where to place and move his troops, maybe with the aid of the cards… And can use its haltrack to suppress fire the enemy or blockade the main road if placed in a certain way.

The only two times I saw the germans win that scenario I saw the Hanomag APC used properly in that way.

I then suggest you to retry the scenario by using different approaches and hoping in good luck with helping cards and nice dice rolls too… Or play it by using alternatively one faction, and the orher one in the session following… So to ser who plays better or, maybe, reach the victory conditions using the Ork "underdog" pool of "troopz"!!!

Note: you see? I wrote troops with the final Z… Like the orks do… I hope it could bring to you some "orkish luck"… And with Gork&Mork's gazes upon you, I surely think that it will work, next time… And you have to believe in orks' cunning brutality and brutal "cunningness" too!!!


In warhammer lore, for the Willing Ork, nothing is impossible… Also to win in a seemingly impossible/unbalanced scenario!!!

Or, as last hope, buy and roll some Red dyed dice: each ork knows that red is the speed and good luck color!!! Maybe red dice can bring to you more 6s rolled!!! Lol

Scenario 1, Balance? Posted on [04/08/2021] à 21:39


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