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Multiple tokens in a unit activation?
Multiple tokens in a unit activation Posted on [30/07/2021] à 00:44

Quote from Ivan Boscaro on [27/07/2021] à 05:06

it is possible to use ALL the tokens given from ARTILLERY or from GRENADES recruitment options (like we can do with AMMO+1 and with SPRINTER or other tokens similar to them); or we are allowed to use only one of them per turn/time? And, again, is it possible to use all the 3 smoke tokens at once?!? By playing I saw that the use of only one of them is not realistic at all: smoke curtains in real world scenarios do spread for hundreds of meters… In HoS/Normandie, they are spread instead for a single square per time, at maximum. I house ruled that so to create real life curtains… By using 3 smoke markers per time and rendering such markers as INFINITE, but usable in 3 pieces or markers per salvo ot artillery… Similar to what like you made the grenades for Oros Snowt character and its Goliath small drone tanks… Which were not so much widespread used… And most of those used did not do well in combat…

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