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shipping rate quoted?
shipping rate quoted? Posted on [18/07/2021] à 13:13

I saw the V2 Commonwealth deck up on the shop.

Great I thought, I will get it to fill in my collection.

When I go to check out, shipping to Canada runs 50 euros!

Is this an error/glitch?

I have ordered from various countries in Europe over the years and none charged this much.

Who do you contact at DPG to discuss this?

Shame they didn't put the option in with the pledge manager of the last KS campaign.

Thanks in advance for your help.

shipping rate quoted? Posted on [19/07/2021] à 20:31

They list the shipping rates here:


It was mentioned elsewhere that they're using more packaging (1000g instead of 500g) for international shipments to avoid damage:


US and Canada are "Zone 6", so a minimum of 50€ for shipping an empty box. That's without any tax. At that rate it's very hard to place an order where the shipping cost isn't as much as the product cost.

If you don't need the Commonwealth deck immediately, it's probably better to wait until the US store reopens (as part of the BRO kickstarter fulfillment); hopefully it'll be available from that store with cheaper shipping.

Or possibly wait until the "Battle of Caen" battle pack becomes available, since that may include the deck anyway. (Mentioned in Discord and here:


If you can't wait, then maybe try to put together a larger order and hit a slightly better point in the shipping table.

shipping rate quoted? Posted on [19/07/2021] à 23:03

I cannot answer that question better than that…

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shipping rate quoted? Posted on [20/07/2021] à 17:15

thanks for the reply. Still don't understand it to be honest.

I've ordered from games Hexasim and paid less shipping.

Shame they didn't include it in their last KS as they did have the US and German decks.

Oh well, will wait for them retail in the next expansion I guess.

They only have 90 or so copies now, so I doubt they will ship those to retailers.

shipping rate quoted? Posted on [20/07/2021] à 18:40

Oh, ya. In Canada here, too. I just placed an order (which will hopefully arrive sometime this year…) and the shipping made my eyes pop right out of my head. Because I couldn't see, I couldn't put them back in.

Late-stage capitalism, folks. We're on the downslope.

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