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With people receiving the P500
With people receiving the P500 Posted on [15/06/2021] à 22:02

There is the elephant in the room that needs addressed before people get their hopes up. I will fully admit I have been negative to DPG, there are personal opinions and reasons for this but.

Reading the Reinforcements rules/scenarios they mention the various sizes of Titans, and list them. Given that it was stated elsewhere that HoBR underperformed for DPG, and their next project is Heroes of Fantasy or some-such? I would go on a limb and say that this rules-set was written *years ago* it is just now being printed. Don't get me wrong, I would love to purchase the Ultramarines or Valedor in retail but I don't think there is any reason to believe that the rules and teaser categories were written after this project became as late as it did and there are plans for anything else. So view it like I will, a bitter sweet dream of what might have been.

With people receiving the P500 Posted on [16/06/2021] à 17:02

I agree 100%, I just got my p500 stuff as well and I simply looked at it sadly and with frustration knowing that this could have been good. But DPG never cared about this product from the get go it clearly seems, the just kept on pilling HoN KS on top of each other.

Perhaps I'll take this back to the Conventions with me to find someone who wants to play it, but as of now getting expansions for this system 2 years later for a dead system..

fucking shame…

I have been very negative to DPG so your not alone. This whole business process they have (yes i hope you read this DPG) is a pyramid scheme. living and dying on one KS to pay for another…

Maybe one day they will come out with Valedor, maybe one day ill look at it…

Im out…

“For the Lion!”

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