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Expansion Sanity Check
Expansion Sanity Check Posted on [04/05/2021] à 07:11

I'm trying to decide what expansions to add to the pledge manager for BRO, to take advantage of the Kickstarter discount. I don't own anything for HoN yet, so I want to flesh out the core set a bit without going too far overboard (yet). I intend to start out primarily with prebuilt scenarios and then move to free play from there. Mostly interested in historical content but not too strict about that.

So I'm thinking of adding:

    * Carentan, Sainte Mère Eglise – More scenarios, more terrain, paratroopers.

    * 4th armored division, 1st SS Panzer division – (More) armored units.

    * Extra terrain Set 2 – Cheap and allows a bit more terrain customization.

    * Battleground set 3 – Trains are fun.


    * Army boxes, other unit sheets – I'm hoping the above will give me enough variety for now, and thinking this content may be updated to v2 style by the time I need it.

    * Pegasus Bridge, UK, Free French – Trying not to go overboard for now.

    * D-Day – Overlaps with Bloody Omaha content.

    * Other terrain content – Should have a good mix for now between Omaha, stretch goals, and the scenario sets. I think the main thing I'll be missing is hills.

On the fence:

    * Gazettes – Interesting content, going out of print, probably less likely to make it into a future set than the army boxes.

Does that all seem sane? Am I missing anything you would consider essential? Are there any substitutions you would make?

Expansion Sanity Check Posted on [04/05/2021] à 13:07

I'm not 100% sure, but if you're taking the trains, I think the rules for them are in the Compendium ? Or maybe it's just the rules for Goering's Armored train ? (maybe a worthy addon if you like trains, btw)

Anyway, your list and reasoning seems sound. Maybe take a look at where you land in terms of storage, it can becomes quite a mess once everything is mixed together…

Expansion Sanity Check Posted on [04/05/2021] à 17:40

D-Day is one I like a lot and think it will expand Omaha.

The tiles can connect with Point de Hoc and you can have the Rangers scale the cliffs.

In line with this, the Gazzette with minefields and mine clearing is nice.

I also love the Market Garden gazzette. That is an interesting battle.

Expansion Sanity Check Posted on [05/05/2021] à 08:06

Omaha has minefields…at least German ones. The Gazette does give you the US version of the mines for a nice bit of reciprocity 🙂

I would suggest Gazette #6 if you can get it. The Morale system is an interesting Advanced Rule to use for larger games.

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